Art of Trolling


Slow day

pedobear school van WoW - 4123946752
Created by HorseGuy

Pitestantism? Bulldhism?

religion class pitbull school - 8198497536

Sorry, Not Sorry

school english korean teachers language - 8194309120
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Nathan Anderson Reflects on His School Days

school students teachers Professors college - 6841234688
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Student Sends Atrociously Punctuated Email to Her Teacher, Teacher Responds Accordingly

email teachers school - 8030825728
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Steady... Steeeeeady...

gif school pencils - 7854647040
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I Hope You Brought Enough for Everyone!

school teacher - 6938045440
Created by savannamia

Sorry, Not Sorry

school english korean teachers language - 8369689600

The Scientific Method

class school college - 8147322880

Schooled Him

dad school sick spelling - 4080484608
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Close Enough

car Close Enough dinosaur exam school - 7055378944
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What PHD Stands For

school - 6995805952
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The Answer, My Teacher, Is Blowing in the Wind

answers school teacher bob dylan - 7031150336
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The Sequel?

disney fun IRL magnet school sequel what - 4588349952
Created by Hatchet669

No Sir, This Isn't Disrupting the Lecture at All

trolling memes sitting on the wall
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Wait, Really?

IRL school - 5509426944
Created by MadoneStreet