Art of Trolling


It is an Art Which Takes Long to Master


Next Picasso Right Here

school art kids olaf parenting frozen painting Nailed It - 8385302784


school graduation comic sans - 8414000128

No Sir, This Isn't Disrupting the Lecture at All

trolling memes sitting on the wall
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Project: Lemonparty

battery facebook lemonparty school - 4430005760
By Unknown

Bruce Banner Cites His Sources

image signs school Bruce Banner Cites His Sources
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Please Tell Me There Was Sound

IRL monitor nyan nyancat school - 4893833984
By BirdEternus

Cheater Alert!

exams school tests - 7889225472
By Unknown


school star wars test - 6848284416
By Unknown

"Please Continue, Professor..."

class school green man college - 8094975744
By Unknown

"Arise, My Son"

school graduation - 8169403136

The Most Glorious Senior Prank

school senior pranks - 8124623616

Well, You're Not Wrong...

Photo of a question on a test exam of 'What ended in 1806?' to which the student answered '1805' - which is 100% accurate.
By Unknown

And Now My Brain Hurts

yearbook photos school yearbook - 8219065856

You Can't Make Me!

school sign truancy story - 6563389696
By Unknown

No, No, No! TEACH!

school kids license plates cars - 8372066816