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Bruce Banner Cites His Sources

image signs school Bruce Banner Cites His Sources
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"Bro, You've Got Something On Your..."

class school bored - 8068746752
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You... You Have a Point There...

school teachers ninjas exams - 8042439168
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Tick Tock on the Summer Break Clock...

link school summer legend of zelda back to school video games majoras mask - 7706778624
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It Just Kind of Showed Up

school yearbook yearbook photos - 8413830144

Found this in my Nuclear Science book at School

school Harry Potter science - 6852623360
Created by Corporal_Brony_SpyCrabs

How'd He Do That?

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"I'll Allow It"

school tests gamecube nintendo - 8002289664
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school awesome Video college - 45958913

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I Hope You Brought Enough for Everyone!

school teacher - 6938045440
Created by savannamia

Sponsored by the Department of Totally Legitimate Studies

school studies - 8053967104
Created by Unknown

Literally the First Piece of Paper I Gave You!

homework school Professors - 7858500096
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She'll Never Kno

homework twitter school spaghetti teachers - 8120376832
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"Arise, My Son"

school graduation - 8323710464

94th Year Senior

school graduation yearbook funny - 7459578880
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This is Why Teachers Drink

school tests teachers math exams - 7842839552
Created by Xekomaster ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
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