Art of Trolling


Why Would They Call It the God Particle If God Didn't Create It?

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Created by littledevil9

How Am I Supposed to Take You Seriously?

cat christian head religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 6109524992
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Fangirls Are the Worst

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Created by LuuKaa


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People Will Believe Anything With a Facebook Logo Attached to it

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They Add That to Everything

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There Will Be Flooding

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Created by Black15

Classic: He'll Dye for Your Shins

IRL religion shoes - 6302133504
Created by Dookster

Silly Bible, Sense is for Fiction

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Created by Unknown

My Work Here Is Done

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Classic: Sounds Like a Real Nail-Biter!

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Created by GrinningRat

Can't Wait for the Sequel

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Created by TheToaster97


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Created by Unknown
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Can't Tell if Trolling or Deranged

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If God Isn't Real, How Me a Religion Start a War?

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Created by PetePete

I Slept for Three Days Once

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Created by Sam