Art of Trolling


Can't Wait for the Sequel

bible jesus religion sequel Yahoo Answer Fails - 4632032768
Created by TheToaster97

Pitestantism? Bulldhism?

religion class pitbull school - 8198497536

God's a pedophile?!

iGod illegal pedobear religion too young - 4175529216
Created by Unknown
religion parody broscience Video - 83638017

Allow This Bro to Convince You That Lifting Is Basically Like a Religion

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Is the Driver's Name Jesus?

FAIL driving religion - 8753828864
Created by Babybacon

My Work Here Is Done

religion bible gay library - 7094139904
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The Anti-Troll

jesus Mormon Chat mormons religion - 4581111296
Created by Christian

Classic: Sounds Like a Real Nail-Biter!

amazon best of week bible fiction religion review shoppers beware - 5084552448
Created by GrinningRat

If I Die Before I Wake

Death marriage prayer religion sexytime sleep - 4065125120
Created by Unknown

He's Really Good at Hide and Seek

facebook jesus religion - 5460667904
Created by pineappleshoes

How Am I Supposed to Take You Seriously?

cat christian head religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 6109524992
Created by rjiscool ( Via )

Presbyterians sound like fun people according to Yahoo Answers!

Someone asks about Presbyterians on Yahoo Answers. Gets answered by troll
Created by Electric0eye

In the name of the Palkia, and the Dialga, and the Holy Giratina

atheism facebook god Pokémon religion - 5551295232
Created by Mr. Tea
homosecks religion Video wtf - 37773825

Can't Tell if Trolling or Deranged

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Everything Went Better Than Expected

jesus religion bible church homosexuality - 6930088448
Created by Unknown

The Mighty Banhammer

hammer jesus mormon nails religion Thor - 4149822464
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