Art of Trolling


Trolling your fundie mom 101

religion toast - 6516223744
By Unknown

Keep Them Indoors

education Memes religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 6103542528
By Fawfulster

Spoiler Alert

jesus religion spoilers the bible zombie - 4177003776
By Unknown

Classic: Eden is Totally Faaaabulous

bible homosecks religion - 6231507456
By Gathose

Classic: He'll Dye for Your Shins

IRL religion shoes - 6302133504
By Dookster

Dat Mass

jesus religion youtube - 5695611392
By thehealeroftru

Can't Tell If Trolling or If I Should Get a New Religion

facebook religion wtf - 5617343232
By Enterthegrave817


masturbation prayer religion - 3982602240
By Unknown

Do the Math

god religion truth facebook shirt math - 6937851136
Via Reddit

What If We Said One Guy Created the Whole Thing?

joke religion - 5525452032
By Bendyrulz


mormon moron prophet religion trolled - 4122804736
By purehatred89

Must Be Trollistan

countries Mormon Chat religion - 4307262720
By Unknown

Everything Went Better Than Expected

jesus religion bible church homosexuality - 6930088448
By Unknown

Ken M, the Troll That Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

Via mikeyfreshh

God's a pedophile?!

iGod illegal pedobear religion too young - 4175529216
By Unknown

I've Got Three!

god I see what you did there imaginary religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 5184378112
By Lilly (Via
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