Art of Trolling


Do the Math

god religion truth facebook shirt math - 6937851136
Via Reddit
homosecks religion Video wtf - 37773825

Can't Tell if Trolling or Deranged

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Silly Bible, Sense is for Fiction

bible god Memes religion - 6427418880
By Psyplone

Can't Tell If Trolling or If I Should Get a New Religion

facebook religion wtf - 5617343232
By Enterthegrave817

Why Would They Call It the God Particle If God Didn't Create It?

facebook higgs boson religion science - 6402503424
By littledevil9

I've Got Three!

god I see what you did there imaginary religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 5184378112
By Lilly (Via

In the name of the Palkia, and the Dialga, and the Holy Giratina

atheism facebook god Pokémon religion - 5551295232
By Mr. Tea

What If We Said One Guy Created the Whole Thing?

joke religion - 5525452032
By Bendyrulz

Don't use the Action Replay...

Omegle Pokémon religion sins - 4460610048
By That Guy From the 70's


masturbation prayer religion - 3982602240
By Unknown

God's Will

adam and eve bad brother love religion - 4178121472
By tanis_ivy
scientology religion trolling - 74983937

These Guys are Giving Away Scientology's $158,000 Secrets for Free

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Mormon Chat religion soul Zoidberg - 5702867200
By zippyofhogwash

They Add That to Everything

atheism facebook god Memes religion - 6283520256
By Unknown

What If Pumpkins Aren't In Season?

goddess Mormon Chat pumpkins religion - 5597925120
By business1405

The Biblical Wars

bible IRL religion star wars - 6275456768
By Unknown
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