Art of Trolling


Just Have a Little Faith

best of week IRL license plate religion science - 5808767488
By insufferableprick

Is the Driver's Name Jesus?

FAIL driving religion - 8753828864
By Babybacon

Use the Force

obi-wan kenobi religion star wars - 7148244480
By Unknown

How Am I Supposed to Take You Seriously?

cat christian head religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 6109524992
By rjiscool (Via

Runs Around in the Family

mormons religion rick roll zayne - 4236161280
By Unknown

I've Got Three!

god I see what you did there imaginary religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 5184378112
By Lilly (Via

Jesus and Beans on Toast, Anyone?

IRL religion - 6535153152
By Unknown

Must Be Trollistan

countries Mormon Chat religion - 4307262720
By Unknown

Do the Math

god religion truth facebook shirt math - 6937851136
Via Reddit

Keep Them Indoors

education Memes religion Yahoo Answer Fails - 6103542528
By Fawfulster

Why Would They Call It the God Particle If God Didn't Create It?

facebook higgs boson religion science - 6402503424
By littledevil9

Title That Starts a Flame War

bible facebook religion - 6461110016
By Rileytp

The Mighty Banhammer

hammer jesus mormon nails religion Thor - 4149822464
By Unknown

Ken M, the Troll That Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

Via mikeyfreshh


god religion satan - 4129940224
By Stephen Sunderlin

Wait... What?

god religion facebook scientists mayan apocalypse - 6835657472
By Unknown