Art of Trolling


Classic: He'll Dye for Your Shins

IRL religion shoes - 6302133504
By Dookster

Trolling your fundie mom 101

religion toast - 6516223744
By Unknown

God Uses Acrobat

religion google - 8411872256
homosecks religion Video wtf - 37773825

Can't Tell if Trolling or Deranged

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I Slept for Three Days Once

facebook jesus religion - 6423682816
By Unknown

There Will Be Flooding

god IRL religion sign - 6130752256
By Black15

The Biblical Wars

bible IRL religion star wars - 6275456768
By Unknown


Mormon Chat religion soul Zoidberg - 5702867200
By zippyofhogwash

You Can't Connect to God With Your iPhone

facebook invisible Memes religion wifi - 6453807616
By omnomnomabomb

God's Will

adam and eve bad brother love religion - 4178121472
By tanis_ivy

Silly Bible, Sense is for Fiction

bible god Memes religion - 6427418880
By Psyplone

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

america census christian england IRL puns religion troll - 4554253312
By JN1994

Pitestantism? Bulldhism?

religion class pitbull school - 8198497536

He's Really Good at Hide and Seek

facebook jesus religion - 5460667904
By pineappleshoes

What If Pumpkins Aren't In Season?

goddess Mormon Chat pumpkins religion - 5597925120
By business1405

Who the Hell Says Yes????

god Omegle religion troll vs troll - 4495076096
By Unknown