Art of Trolling


Don't Jump Onto the Bandwagon!

android iphone IRL siri - 6287394816
Created by Unknown

It's All About Your Apps, Though

innuendo dude parts sexy times iphone dating - 8316046336
Via SomethingFoul

Yea... Dont' Try That

trolling how to iphone Yea... Dont' Try That
Via ruinedchildhood

iPhone Y U Do Dis 2 Me

iphone - 7158649600
Created by Unknown

I Hear Putting It In Rice Helps

cracked facebook iphone tech support - 6391155456
Created by 19Zoey88

Thanks Siri, Now Where Can I Buy A Shovel?

body iphone siri - 5343022592
Created by Charles_In_Charge


iphone jailbreak - 3548867840
Created by Unknown

Sacrifice Style for Safety

anti-theft iphone - 5101993984
Created by -Ghost-

Surely You're Not Sirious?

siri patrick iphone - 7608200192
Created by Unknown

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Web Searches

iphone siri - 5637497344
Created by busterheighman
commercial apple iphone - 48931585

Somersby Cider Ad Makes Fun of Apple

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iphone FAIL trolling Video technology - 198151

The Year is 2016 and Someone Still Believes Putting Your iPhone in the Microwave Will Charge It

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Hate From My iPhone

iphone IRL Westboro Baptist Chruch - 5281748480
Created by UMADan
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