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So Much for That New Year's Resolution

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Thanks Siri, Now Where Can I Buy A Shovel?

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Created by Charles_In_Charge

It's All About Your Apps, Though

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That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked

puns pranks iphone That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked
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Order Now and Save!

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kid puts his face on every device in an apple store

Kid Achieves Master Troll Status, Pranks Whole Apple Store By Uploading His Face on Every Device's Screen

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Don't Forget to Vote Wednesday, November 7th to Get Your FREE iPhone!

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Created by Payrus

Friend Zoned by Siri

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Somersby Cider Ad Makes Fun of Apple

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Surely You're Not Sirious?

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I Hear Putting It In Rice Helps

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Created by 19Zoey88

Well, Thanks!

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If You Have an iPhone, Go and Ask Siri This

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Apple's Classic iPod Commercial Isn't Quite the Same with AirPods

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The Year is 2016 and Someone Still Believes Putting Your iPhone in the Microwave Will Charge It

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New iPhone Released? Better Buy All of the Site's Ad Space!

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