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This Parody Video Has All the Information You Need About the New iPhone 7

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Siri Knows You're a Waste of Space

iphone note siri suicide - 5968572416
By Unknown

Siri Has Her Reasons

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By Unknown
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Apple Doesn't Want You to Use Your iPhone to Weigh Stuff, But This Clever Developer Found a Great Way Around It

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Unattended iPhone? Prepare To Be Caged!

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By freshbru

If You Have an iPhone, Go and Ask Siri This

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Nothing. Clearly Nothing.

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By JayVeE20-12

Shut Up, Siri, You Don't Even Have Nails

iphone siri sass Shut Up, Siri, You Don't Even Have Nails
Via @GabbySidibe
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Apple's Classic iPod Commercial Isn't Quite the Same with AirPods

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Please Take Me Out of Your Pocket First

best of week bridge iphone siri suicide - 5507670272
By chutiya

Friend Zoned by Siri

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By Mike

She's Just Like My Wife

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By KillerHoggle

iCan Not Lie

text McDonald's butts sms iphone - 6927653632
By freshbru
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Apple Amps Up Their Game And Introduces The Revolutionary iPager

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YouTubers are Already Breaking the iPhone 7

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