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Siri Has Her Reasons

siri iphone - 7435164160
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Varies By Woodchuck

iphone siri woodchuck - 5348623104
Created by chutiya

Birthday Gone Bad

happy birthday text gone hilariously wrong
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iPhone Y U Do Dis 2 Me

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This Parody Video Has All the Information You Need About the New iPhone 7

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How Many People Are Going to Fall for This Fake iPhone "Bend" Ad?

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Checkmate, Skeptics!

hitler iphone photoshop - 6413105408
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That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked

puns pranks iphone That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked
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If You Have an iPhone, Go and Ask Siri This

siri apple iphone - 8002476032
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Thanks for the Tip Apple Maps. You're so Helpful.

apple maps Maps iphone - 6674562304
Created by LeanMeanWaffle

Never Let Your Brother Get a Hold of Your iPhone

rickrolled funny iphone - 7466640384
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Siri Knows You're a Waste of Space

iphone note siri suicide - 5968572416
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Wow, So Amazing

phones lifehacks batteries iphone - 7845961472
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Siri is So Shocked That She Can't Manage Any Words

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