Art of Trolling


Don't Jump Onto the Bandwagon!

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That's Way Too Long of a Name

ambulance iphone siri - 5332428800
Created by chutiya

Siri is So Shocked That She Can't Manage Any Words

siri texting iphone - 7862018304

iPhone Y U Do Dis 2 Me

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The Year is 2016 and Someone Still Believes Putting Your iPhone in the Microwave Will Charge It

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Somersby Cider Ad Makes Fun of Apple

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Yea... Dont' Try That

trolling how to iphone Yea... Dont' Try That
Via ruinedchildhood

I Was Looking for a Street Corner, Siri

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siri telling you to go as yourself for halloween

Don't Ask Siri for Help on Deciding a Halloween Costume

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Apple Amps Up Their Game And Introduces The Revolutionary iPager

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So Much for That New Year's Resolution

gym apps exercise iphone failbook g rated - 8426097152
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It's All About Your Apps, Though

innuendo dude parts sexy times iphone dating - 8316046336
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Hate From My iPhone

iphone IRL Westboro Baptist Chruch - 5281748480
Created by UMADan

Well, Thanks!

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That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked

puns pranks iphone That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked
Via textastrophe

Order Now and Save!

iphone sticker - 5281476864
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