Art of Trolling


Just Remember, It Has to Be the Blood of a Virgin

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What's Your Excuse?

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Apple Amps Up Their Game And Introduces The Revolutionary iPager

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iPhone 5? More Like iPhone 4S2

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Created by Sexcalibure

That's Way Too Long of a Name

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Created by chutiya

iCan Not Lie

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Created by freshbru

iTroll App

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It's All About Your Apps, Though

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It's Just In Such Great Condition

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Created by PeeingOnTheFloor

Bronies Only

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Created by alina__p

Are You Cheating On Me?

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Created by Hogther

Stop Whining and Turn Off Notifications

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Created by Unknown

So Much for That New Year's Resolution

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Sounds Pretty!

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Created by gytu423

Yes Master Siri

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Created by CSCC
siri telling you to go as yourself for halloween

Don't Ask Siri for Help on Deciding a Halloween Costume

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