Art of Trolling


Stop Whining and Turn Off Notifications

facebook games iphone notifications - 4889742592
By Mindfcuk

Well, Thanks!

text space iphone - 6879091968
By Unknown

Nothing. Clearly Nothing.

facebook iphone IRL steve jobs - 5327875840
By JayVeE20-12

Leaving Myself Drunk Notes Again

iphone note siri - 5334631680
By ScraftyBasculin

Personal Assassi-stant

iphone murder siri - 6232812800
By teamfishtress2

Sacrifice Style for Safety

anti-theft iphone - 5101993984
By -Ghost-

Don't Forget the Double Tap

iphone siri zombie - 6201545728
By TheRealDogmaJones

Friend Zoned by Siri

friend zone iphone siri - 5444203008
By Mike
kid puts his face on every device in an apple store

Kid Achieves Master Troll Status, Pranks Whole Apple Store By Uploading His Face on Every Device's Screen

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Please Take Me Out of Your Pocket First

best of week bridge iphone siri suicide - 5507670272
By chutiya

If You Have an iPhone, Go and Ask Siri This

siri apple iphone - 8002476032
By Unknown
apple iphone Video prank - 64709377

How Many People Are Going to Fall for This Fake iPhone "Bend" Ad?

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Yes Master Siri

iphone siri skynet - 5748950784

Surely You're Not Sirious?

siri patrick iphone - 7608200192
By Unknown

Birthday Gone Bad

happy birthday text gone hilariously wrong
By Unknown
list youtube trends iphone - 968453

YouTubers are Already Breaking the iPhone 7

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