Art of Trolling


iTroll App

iphone IRL sideways umad - 4545083904
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It's All About Your Apps, Though

innuendo dude parts sexy times iphone dating - 8316046336
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nokia comments youtube hammer iphone - 6971297024
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Never Let Your Brother Get a Hold of Your iPhone

rickrolled funny iphone - 7466640384
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Varies By Woodchuck

iphone siri woodchuck - 5348623104
By chutiya

She's Just Like My Wife

iphone master siri - 5508880896
By KillerHoggle

Unattended iPhone? Prepare To Be Caged!

nicolas cage iphone - 7148009472
By freshbru

Don't Jump Onto the Bandwagon!

android iphone IRL siri - 6287394816
By Unknown

Just Remember, It Has to Be the Blood of a Virgin

satan yahoo answers iphone - 7078073600
By Unknown

I Am Victorious

computer iphone mirror Reframe trolling - 4654086656
By Martinthg
iphone FAIL trolling Video technology - 198151

The Year is 2016 and Someone Still Believes Putting Your iPhone in the Microwave Will Charge It

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Cage No Matter What Your Age

apple store caged nicolas cage iphone - 7829642752
By Unknown

Bronies Only

apps iphone my little pony - 4953727232
By alina__p

Birthday Gone Bad

happy birthday text gone hilariously wrong
By Unknown

Siri Knows You're a Waste of Space

iphone note siri suicide - 5968572416
By Unknown

Sounds Pretty!

iphone siri - 5334043904
By gytu423
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