Art of Trolling


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Guy Takes Videos of His Friends When They Think It's a Picture

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Leaving Myself Drunk Notes Again

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Created by ScraftyBasculin

Okay, Smartass...

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Re-Trolled: Kidneys Don't Do Anything, Right?

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Created by gnarrzapp

iCan Not Lie

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Created by freshbru

So Much for That New Year's Resolution

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It's Just In Such Great Condition

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Created by PeeingOnTheFloor

Surely You're Not Sirious?

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Well, Thanks!

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Created by Tahoma525

That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked

puns pranks iphone That iPhone Repair Man Wasn't Expecting the Phone to Be This Cracked
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It's All About Your Apps, Though

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What's Your Excuse?

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Created by anselmbe

Personal Assassi-stant

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Created by teamfishtress2

Nothing. Clearly Nothing.

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Created by JayVeE20-12

Cage No Matter What Your Age

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