Art of Trolling


Omegle Trolls the App Store

apple iphone Omegle - 4102196224
By Aberkromby

Don't Jump Onto the Bandwagon!

android iphone IRL siri - 6287394816
By Unknown
accent english iphone siri Video youtube - 28144129

Siri, Y U No Speak Engrish?

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Hate From My iPhone

iphone IRL Westboro Baptist Chruch - 5281748480

Cage No Matter What Your Age

apple store caged nicolas cage iphone - 7829642752
By Unknown

Yea... Dont' Try That

trolling how to iphone Yea... Dont' Try That
Via ruinedchildhood
parody Video iphone - 82449409

This Parody Video Has All the Information You Need About the New iPhone 7

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I Hear Putting It In Rice Helps

cracked facebook iphone tech support - 6391155456
By 19Zoey88
iphone Video prank - 82734081

Are People Really Falling for This Secret IPhone 7 "Hack"?

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apple iphone Video prank - 64709377

How Many People Are Going to Fall for This Fake iPhone "Bend" Ad?

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Never Let Your Brother Get a Hold of Your iPhone

rickrolled funny iphone - 7466640384
Via Reddit
youtube Video iphone trolltube - 51264769

Guy Takes Videos of His Friends When They Think It's a Picture

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Sacrifice Style for Safety

anti-theft iphone - 5101993984
By -Ghost-

I Am Victorious

computer iphone mirror Reframe trolling - 4654086656
By Martinthg


iphone jailbreak - 3548867840
By Unknown

Please Take Me Out of Your Pocket First

best of week bridge iphone siri suicide - 5507670272
By chutiya