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iPhone 5? More Like iPhone 4S2

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By Sexcalibure

Siri is So Shocked That She Can't Manage Any Words

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By Unknown
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Guy Takes Videos of His Friends When They Think It's a Picture

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Sacrifice Style for Safety

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By -Ghost-

Leaving Myself Drunk Notes Again

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By ScraftyBasculin

Hate From My iPhone

iphone IRL Westboro Baptist Chruch - 5281748480
commercial apple iphone - 48931585

Somersby Cider Ad Makes Fun of Apple

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How Many People Are Going to Fall for This Fake iPhone "Bend" Ad?

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It's Just In Such Great Condition

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By PeeingOnTheFloor
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Apple Amps Up Their Game And Introduces The Revolutionary iPager

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Order Now and Save!

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By Unknown

Yea... Dont' Try That

trolling how to iphone Yea... Dont' Try That
Via ruinedchildhood

Bronies Only

apps iphone my little pony - 4953727232
By alina__p
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Apple's Classic iPod Commercial Isn't Quite the Same with AirPods

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The Year is 2016 and Someone Still Believes Putting Your iPhone in the Microwave Will Charge It

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Apple Doesn't Want You to Use Your iPhone to Weigh Stuff, But This Clever Developer Found a Great Way Around It

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