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Got My New iPhone 1000! Do You?

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Okay, Smartass...

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Created by Owashii

She's Just Like My Wife

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Created by KillerHoggle
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YouTubers are Already Breaking the iPhone 7

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This Parody Video Has All the Information You Need About the New iPhone 7

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It's Just In Such Great Condition

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Created by PeeingOnTheFloor

iCan Not Lie

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Created by freshbru

Just Remember, It Has to Be the Blood of a Virgin

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Shut Up, Siri, You Don't Even Have Nails

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Via @GabbySidibe

Checkmate, Skeptics!

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Siri is So Shocked That She Can't Manage Any Words

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Bronies Only

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Created by alina__p

Sacrifice Style for Safety

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Created by -Ghost-

Who Are We Kidding, It's Basically the Same

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Via Acid Cow

iPhone Y U Do Dis 2 Me

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