Art of Trolling


awesome prank funny Video college exams g rated - 66175233

This Dude Starts Random Pillow Fights to Reduce Exam Stress

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Guy ends up besting a dodgy travel insurer to the tune of over $9K.

Guy Bests Dodgy Travel Insurer To The Tune Of $9K

Good for him.
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What an Overweight Glob of Grease

awesome building IRL r2d2 star wars - 5080728320
By Unknown

She Can Throw a Punch

awesome punch idiots - 6819574016
By Unknown

You Forgot to Hit the Park Anywhere Button

awesome garbage IRL parking - 6302795264
By DemoEYE

Covert Ops: You're Doing It Wrong

awesome camouflage clown IRL soldiers win - 4998266112
By Unknown
submarine sonar hitting scuba divers loud noise

Divers Get Pinged By Submarines Sonar

Warning, it is very loud
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He's Been Waiting for This Moment Since You Were Born

awesome Luke troll dad win - 5042445312
By Unknown
Guy ends up beating a Craigslist scammer at their own game | r/ProRevenge u/Oregonlost Beat craigslist scammer at his own game. So hunting rental house valentines day weekend and wasn't finding much, so popped into local Craigslist page and found place at decent but very believable price. No contact info or website, so T emailed through Craigslist relay, everything sounds legit up until he asks pay using

Guy Beats Craigslist Scammer At Their Own Game

Too easy.
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The Best Apartment Building

awesome best of week names wifi - 5097844480
By Alexanderzx360

Well, At Least It Wont Get Stolen

awesome bike IRL - 4888384000
By Unknown
A road rager picks on a motorcycle driver, driver takes petty revenge | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Fluffy-Designer Small motorbike vs small waves pinky finger should preface this by saying raised by narcissist and extremely passive-aggressive as result. Years ago bought my first motorbike tiny 125CC bike with my 82kg body weight, could barely do 90km/h on flat road and would lose speed going up hills despite revving as hard as could my first motorbike and loved her with my whole heart.

Road Rager Picks On Motorcycle, Rider Gets Revenge

That dude achieved a whole new shade of rage purple.
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That Is a Mighty Cute Giraffe

awesome drawing giraffes test win - 4997085952
By -Ghost-

Like Bashing Your Head Against a Wall

awesome graffiti IRL trololol - 5054738944
By Unknown

Suddenly, Single Doesn't Seem So Bad

awesome best of week boys facebook female fml - 5172788736
By KaIBalLs
awesome IRL professor Video - 29381633

Can You Pass Me That Slice of Awesome?

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