Art of Trolling


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Move Before You Look

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Served Cold, But Burns Going Down

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Nathanael is My Favourite Mormon

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By MC Hammer

The Nazi-Pirates-Who-Are-Also-Aliens Couldn't Even Find Carmen Sandiego!

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ǝʞɐן ɹoɹɹıW

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Fire in the Taco Bell

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For Best Results, Sit a Child or Dog on Your Lap

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Girl finds shark on the beach, and then yeets it back into the ocean | love going walks at night, especially there's clear sky, so age sixteen, would go few miles up beach around midnight most nights. One night, while still about mile our house saw something rolling surf s either plastic bag caught on log thought Or four foot shark jogged over not plastic bag caught on log shark moving and didn't appear be hurt, but caught water only an inch or so deep, being pushed higher with every wave by

Girl Discovers Shark On Beach, Throws It Back Into Ocean

There should be an animated short for this.
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Hard As It Is, I Still Need Some

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let Me Get My Hammer

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A collection of triumphant times that liars were successfully called out. | purplemonkey55· ly worked at fast food joint had someone call during opening shift while were still prepping everything day. He tells he just there and service terrible and his order wrong asked him exactly he came he said about half an hour ago said Oh 's weird, because don't even open another 45 minutes He just hung up without word.

Triumphant Times Liars Got Called Out

Take those lies elsewhere.
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Mormons, How Do They Troll?

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Every Night

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Moe Better Watch Out

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