Art of Trolling


AKA The Government

army awesome Bad Translator i lied - 4967261696
By Clapixie

The Nazi-Pirates-Who-Are-Also-Aliens Couldn't Even Find Carmen Sandiego!

awesome review shoppers beware wheres waldo - 5326196992
By absurdapple
Guy ends up wasting a scammer's time in the funniest, most annoying way possible.

Idiotic Scammer Has No Idea He's Being Ferociously Trolled

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Also, I'd Like It Cut Into Squares

awesome Cats haiku noms pizza - 5091144704
By Unknown

Snitches Really Will Get Stitches

awesome bumper sticker driving IRL - 5016172544
By Unknown

Fire in the Taco Bell

awesome high voltage IRL sign - 5248181504
By maxystone

Turn That Frown Upside Down!

awesome IRL that looks naughty - 4914015744
By Unknown

Suddenly, Single Doesn't Seem So Bad

awesome best of week boys facebook female fml - 5172788736
By KaIBalLs


awesome IRL peta - 4357872384
By MOTHforLife

It's True.

awesome its-true website - 4411000320
By Unknown

Pretty Fly Until You Start Sweating

awesome bike car IRL - 4924476672
By Unknown
Guy ends up besting a dodgy travel insurer to the tune of over $9K.

Guy Bests Dodgy Travel Insurer To The Tune Of $9K

Good for him.
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Knock Knock

awesome door IRL wtf - 4998096128
awesome IRL Video - 20358657


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Hard Rock

awesome metallica - 4917670400
By Unknown

Troll Lawyer: You're Going to Jail

awesome lawyer name - 4804359680
By enterthechicken