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The Pen 15 Club

awesome p3n0r spelling when you see it - 5015379968
By -Ghost-

Served Cold, But Burns Going Down

awesome IRL sign soup whiskey - 4989354752
By -Ghost-


awesome IRL peta - 4357872384
By MOTHforLife

Hard As It Is, I Still Need Some

awesome change IRL tip jar tips - 5049933824
By -Ghost-

The Internet Is Full of Learning

awesome bill nye wifi - 5276947712
By Unknown
A company assumes that an employee's being dishonest about their time logging, and employee proves otherwise.

Company Thinks Employee's Being Dishonest With Time Logging, Learns Otherwise

Serves them right.
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ǝʞɐן ɹoɹɹıW

awesome IRL upside down - 4820609280
By Unknown
A collection of triumphant times that liars were successfully called out. | purplemonkey55· ly worked at fast food joint had someone call during opening shift while were still prepping everything day. He tells he just there and service terrible and his order wrong asked him exactly he came he said about half an hour ago said Oh 's weird, because don't even open another 45 minutes He just hung up without word.

Triumphant Times Liars Got Called Out

Take those lies elsewhere.
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Troll Lawyer: You're Going to Jail

awesome lawyer name - 4804359680
By enterthechicken

Obviously a Challenge

awesome hack challenge - 6850765568
By BoatSalad

Moe Better Watch Out

awesome that sounds naughty - 5497328128
By Cally

The Best Apartment Building

awesome best of week names wifi - 5097844480
By Alexanderzx360

Cool Sex Life, Man

awesome map pin - 5177833728
By Unknown

I'd Vote for Him

awesome president star - 5117599232
By Unknown

I Want to Rig My Coffin With a Rick Roll

awesome comics old people - 4608145408
By Batcommander (Via brevitycomic)
Guy ends up wasting a scammer's time in the funniest, most annoying way possible.

Idiotic Scammer Has No Idea He's Being Ferociously Trolled

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