Art of Trolling


Turn That Frown Upside Down!

awesome IRL that looks naughty - 4914015744
By Unknown

Unicycles Can Go Anywhere

sign awesome funny - 8444976640
By Unknown

That Is a Mighty Cute Giraffe

awesome drawing giraffes test win - 4997085952
By -Ghost-

AKA The Government

army awesome Bad Translator i lied - 4967261696
By Clapixie

Well, At Least It Wont Get Stolen

awesome bike IRL - 4888384000
By Unknown
Guy ends up beating a Craigslist scammer at their own game | r/ProRevenge u/Oregonlost Beat craigslist scammer at his own game. So hunting rental house valentines day weekend and wasn't finding much, so popped into local Craigslist page and found place at decent but very believable price. No contact info or website, so T emailed through Craigslist relay, everything sounds legit up until he asks pay using

Guy Beats Craigslist Scammer At Their Own Game

Too easy.
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submarine sonar hitting scuba divers loud noise

Divers Get Pinged By Submarines Sonar

Warning, it is very loud
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awesome bjs Chat Roulette fake Hall of Fame Video - 3047169


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Guy ends up besting a dodgy travel insurer to the tune of over $9K.

Guy Bests Dodgy Travel Insurer To The Tune Of $9K

Good for him.
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awesome prank funny Video college exams g rated - 66175233

This Dude Starts Random Pillow Fights to Reduce Exam Stress

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awesome batman Chat Roulette Video win - 6103809


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I Need It for a Show Next Week

air guitar awesome IRL lost sign - 5032765184
By Phoebsicle360

What Would Jesus Like?

awesome facebook jesus likes - 5133838592
By Llort.Bookacef

For Best Results, Sit a Child or Dog on Your Lap

awesome driving invisible IRL win - 4992525824
By thanosofdeath (Via

Trolling Is Art

awesome ghost IRL - 4807963392
By Diadingo

Sleeve It and Weep

awesome disappoint IRL - 5303883520
By Unknown
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