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Girl finds shark on the beach, and then yeets it back into the ocean | love going walks at night, especially there's clear sky, so age sixteen, would go few miles up beach around midnight most nights. One night, while still about mile our house saw something rolling surf s either plastic bag caught on log thought Or four foot shark jogged over not plastic bag caught on log shark moving and didn't appear be hurt, but caught water only an inch or so deep, being pushed higher with every wave by

Girl Discovers Shark On Beach, Throws It Back Into Ocean

There should be an animated short for this.
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I'll Give You a Ride Home, Kids

awesome car IRL pedobear - 5106706944
By teddy_fuxpin

Also, I'd Like It Cut Into Squares

awesome Cats haiku noms pizza - 5091144704
By Unknown

What Would Jesus Like?

awesome facebook jesus likes - 5133838592
By Llort.Bookacef
school awesome Video college - 45958913

Trolling Level: Graduate

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I'm Glad Your Parents Never Gave You Up

awesome birthday facebook rickroll - 5181938176
By yohicitumadre

AKA The Government

army awesome Bad Translator i lied - 4967261696
By Clapixie

That's Refreshing

awesome booze IRL - 4962778368
By Unknown

For Best Results, Sit a Child or Dog on Your Lap

awesome driving invisible IRL win - 4992525824
By thanosofdeath (Via

Cool Sex Life, Man

awesome map pin - 5177833728
By Unknown

What an Overweight Glob of Grease

awesome building IRL r2d2 star wars - 5080728320
By Unknown

I Want to Rig My Coffin With a Rick Roll

awesome comics old people - 4608145408
By Batcommander (Via brevitycomic)

Trolling Level: Advanced

chair good idea awesome - 6848128000
By Chris91210

I'm Not Just Happy to See You

awesome credit card robbery - 4842953728
Via epic4chan

Lady Troll

awesome Chat Roulette gtfo lady fun bags trollface - 4688203520
By Kirsten
awesome bjs Chat Roulette fake Hall of Fame Video - 3047169


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