Art of Trolling


Planking Leaves Me Bored Stiff

awesome facebook FAIL parkour Planking - 4853641984
By Unknown

Every Night

awesome your mom - 4725843456
By Unknown
awesome game show television Video win - 20581889

The Price Is Both!

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Suddenly, Single Doesn't Seem So Bad

awesome best of week boys facebook female fml - 5172788736
By KaIBalLs


awesome IRL peta - 4357872384
By MOTHforLife

let Me Get My Hammer

hammer awesome jerk prank money - 6853895680
By anselmbe

Lady Troll

awesome Chat Roulette gtfo lady fun bags trollface - 4688203520
By Kirsten
TV gets damaged in transit, so company proceeds to lose millions | r/ProRevenge Join u/Champion5 3y Damage my TV transit and deny claim? No more shipments Not sure if this is "Pro" quality but some have asked post this here since they think is. 10 years ago moved my job had forgot about one my TV's back home and asked my dad ship on my companies account since they paid my move couple days later delivery driver Shipping Company drops off box heavily damaged so didn't sign He waited while

TV Gets Damaged In Transit, Company Loses Millions

Should've just coughed up that money.
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WTF, I Can't Find Them!

Aliens awesome best of week TV when you see it - 5471053312
By Unknown

Covert Ops: You're Doing It Wrong

awesome camouflage clown IRL soldiers win - 4998266112
By Unknown
awesome batman Chat Roulette Video win - 6103809


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Pokémon drawing awesome Fan Art dickbutt - 910597

Artist Combines Dickbutt with a Ton of Pokémon and the Results Are Amazing

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Well, At Least It Wont Get Stolen

awesome bike IRL - 4888384000
By Unknown

Moe Better Watch Out

awesome that sounds naughty - 5497328128
By Cally

I Want to Rig My Coffin With a Rick Roll

awesome comics old people - 4608145408
By Batcommander (Via brevitycomic)
A road rager picks on a motorcycle driver, driver takes petty revenge | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Fluffy-Designer Small motorbike vs small waves pinky finger should preface this by saying raised by narcissist and extremely passive-aggressive as result. Years ago bought my first motorbike tiny 125CC bike with my 82kg body weight, could barely do 90km/h on flat road and would lose speed going up hills despite revving as hard as could my first motorbike and loved her with my whole heart.

Road Rager Picks On Motorcycle, Rider Gets Revenge

That dude achieved a whole new shade of rage purple.
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