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Guy feeds the crows, so the crows get back at bully neighbors for him | r/pettyrevenge u/tempthethrowaway Feathered Friends High Places Not sure if this belongs here, so let know ok? TL;DR: Had issues with neighbor over parking. Local crows l'd made friends with vandalized his cars retaliation. So background day moved into this apartment complex our across hall neighbors started bullying us. Why parked handicap spot next sidewalk building. Why handicapped.

Guy Feeds Crows, Crows Get Back At Bully Neighbors For Him

Crows can be awesome.
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Looks Like the New Update to Pokémon GO Will Be Great for Donald Trump's Self Esteem

image pokemon go fail Looks Like the New Update to Pokémon GO Will Be Great for Donald Trump's Self Esteem
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Traffic in a Nutshell


Enjoy Your New Shoes, Buddy!

bros cement - 7565294592
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how do they work ICP magnets miracles mormon - 4146105600
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Morning Show Gets Pwned

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commercial IRL usa Video - 24655617

The Taste of Freedom

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trolltube - 59229441

FouseyTUBE is Back With a Social Experiment Slightly More Serious Than His Yoga Pants Prank

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This Internet Safety Poster Took an Unexpected Turn

racism school grandma - 8120381184

Mm, Squirrel Sandwiches

girl kitchen women youtube - 4774221056


facebook grammar people - 4366304256
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Am I Right? Or Am I Right?

gay marriage funny - 7459135488
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You Know Who You Are!

pooptimes college IRL wtf sign - 6682899456
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Not a Mental Health Issue, Just a Woman

boyfriend women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4820661760
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Can't Wait for His New Zombie Game

Romney halo video games politics - 6743529472
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Can't Tell if Trolling or Good Deed

IRL free parking - 6748420352
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