Art of Trolling

Wait, Wut?


Almost Had Me There

llama twitter credit card - 6970979840
Created by kimbesse ( Via Twitter )

My, What Lovely Eyelashes You Have

eyes sleeping tape - 5015119872
Created by Marielen

The Right Way to Cook Lobster

cooking delicious - 4604074496
Created by Rajamikitteh ( Via )

Pretty Slimy Looking

backwards best of week Pokémon that sounds naughty - 4821299968
Created by nomnomcheeseburger

he is the mighty lord

transformers - 7480376832
Created by ryanisawesome124

Wake Up, Sheeple!

illuminati satan barney dinosaurs - 8381630208

College Mail From the University of Chicago

Cats truancy story - 6757730048
Created by louisiana_man ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Don't Forget to Flip the Bird

Turkey texting dating - 8974162944
Via @bluewhiteeheart

That Smarts

caps lock keyboard - 5407389696
Created by Unknown

You Might Have Forgotten Something

car IRL note Sad tape - 5152710400
Created by xpiester33x

You Must Live In Forks, Washington

balls rain Yahoo Answer Fails - 5393760512
Created by mark.robins

Seriously? You Didn't Know I Did It?

drawing texting - 7916533248
Created by LocoGuy107

You Might Want to Get That Checked Out

Awkward facebook p3n0r - 5053027584
Created by Unknown

The Texture's Not There

beer ew youtube - 6423805184
Created by Unknown
FAIL dickbutt funny - 1080069

Guy Creates Dickbutt Army and Sticks Them Places Nobody Would Ever Expect

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