Art of Trolling

Such Stamina!

best of week one direction that sounds naughty - 6001088512
donald trump parody Video - 81993729

Some People Say Sassy Trump is Best Trump

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I'm Middle-Brained Myself

brain - 7360817920
Created by Unknown

Classic: Not So Good, Player Two

IRL sign speeding - 5561457920
Created by Tyler Vernon
Hilarious Trolling Recreations of  Celebrity Instagram Photos

Woman Trolls Celebrity Instagram Photos & The Results Are Hilarious

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When You Have Gullible Friends...

star wars texting - 7950094848
Created by Unknown

I Don't Give a Damn About Ribs

best of week IRL misleading that sounds naughty - 5106761984
Created by Unknown

But That Would Be a Circleje- Oh...

vanity plates license plates - 8189953024

Go Away Pl0x

cakes gtfo - 8300010752

I Cannot Tell a Lie!

license plates cars ferrari - 8147567360
Via Pleated-Jeans
costume halloween pranks Video - 83377153

This Halloween Special Report From a Team of Fake Newscasters Is a Real Treat

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trolling scammer

Guy's Wife Trolls Scammer For Days And Hilarity Ensues

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bathrooms gifs peeing - 67079

Why Every Public Bathroom is the Way It Is

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I Hear Robots Are Really Into Him

customer support justin bieber robot shoppers beware - 5688126464
Created by roflcopter

Speak Up!

deaf - 7650243840
Created by Nintendood

You Wind This Round, Bus Graffiti Guy...

Canada flute flu - 7935844096
Created by Unknown