Art of Trolling

We All Have Our Moments

Stephen Fry gullible - 8250115584

Myth Confirmed

facebook oblivious - 5324826880
By Laker4life24

Let Them Eat KitKats!

sign trolling work image - 8994453760
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Oh Cruel Fate

annoying Yahoo Answer Fails - 4324967680
By Unknown

That Guy With the Piercing Is a Fox

serial killer - 5030969856
By kristofolof

And That's Why You Always Leave a Note

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Disregard Everything, Acquire Scarves

gym workout exercise - 7861995008
By Unknown
Omegle trolling Video - 75710721

Five Nights on Omegle

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99 Problems But A Goat Ain't One

goat text sms - 7101477888
By freshbru


car dogs golden nuts trap - 4121041408
By PaintNUrTaint

That was under his shirt?

Cheezburger Image 3406711296
By Unknown

What's my age again?

blink 182 - 7816679936
By ElizabethMc
dating girls relationships pickup rejection women trolltube - 56331009

For Guys Out There, This Video Hits a Little Too Close to Home

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flashing trolltube parenting prank roman atwood Video - 63109889

Parents Want Nothing to Do With This Childish Flashing Prank

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Roll Roles

IRL relationships signs toilet paper - 6417742080
By inpermutation

All That High Pitched Wailing Gives Me the Willies

justin bieber never say never Yahoo Answer Fails - 5112191744
By ninjabritt7