Art of Trolling

Your Selfies Are Very, VERY Not Metal

Music gifs concert selfie burn fail nation - 8404605696
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Traffic Troll

driving traffic cars - 6645741056
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Whatevr Skrub

Omegle call of duty get rekt - 8381409280

How to Properly Make a Dating Profile

dating relationships okcupid - 8205039616
vine ice cream driving - 62072321

I See You're Eating Ice Cream. It'd Be a Shame if Somebody...

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Wow, Siri, What Happened?

siri boyfriend sass Wow, Siri, What Happened?
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Uh Oh

image pranks printer - 8814887168
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global warming sex

global warming Hall of Fame hoax Omegle - 3331961344
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Don't Drink and Diffract

drinking alcohol physics party hard - 8307556608

"Honey, We Need to Talk About Your Drawing..."

birds peacocks parenting - 8388005888

Bryan Cranston Disguises Himself at Comic-Con by Dressing Up as... Himself...

breaking bad walter white - 7683367168
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Photo prank celeb Video - 78808577

Finishing a Cup of Tea is Only This Difficult if You're Cristiano Ronaldo

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Feel Crappy Yet?

orphans wallets money - 8348074752

Step 1: Find Douchebag Parker

gif parking - 7594544384
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An All-Too-Familiar Story

star wars failbook g rated - 7379020288
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You're Tired Go to Bed

tired chloroform store - 6735362816
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