Art of Trolling


Bad Translator nyan Nyan Cat - 4913536768
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Now That's Hawt

scared relationships prank rude Video dating - 76572417

Watch This Girl Scare Her Girlfriend for an Entire Year

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The Best Possible Billboard Combo

billboards advertising pregnancy trash - 7978445824
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Funny Donald Trump photoshop battle regarding his water drinking.

Donald Trump's Awkward Water Moment Has Inspired A Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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The Future Is Grim

future global warming magnets mormons Omegle - 4262771968
Created by limatrix
counter strike Video - 74944001

Laughter is a Better Weapon Than Any Gun

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But, But I Didn't Get a Chance!

Omegle - 7725176320
Created by killtheflu
cooking parody Video - 82547713

Watch This Gripping Episode of You Suck at Cooking to Learn How to Make a Breakfast Burrito

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david bowie Omegle - 6092942848

Funny, You Think It's an Accident

Babies accident text sleep sms - 7013591552
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Ssshhh, No Tears...

tumblr swearing - 7867103744
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Entitled people and their absurd demands | Car vent phone mount Marketplace $5 Car vent phone mount Mark as Sold More Options Ahmad changed group photo. Is this still available? Yes 5:44 PM bucks No thanks 3 not into bargaining, sorry Ok know Amazon brand new is 4,50. Great. Go buy there. Haha ok, sorryI just kidding. Aa

Frustratingly Entitled People and Their Demanding Behavior

People have a hard time seeing how ridiculous they're being.
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This Is Not the Browser I Was Looking For

browser guess internet explorer - 5091753984
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card goatse IRL pumpkins shock sites - 5273949440
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Best Use of That App By Far

trolling donald trump politics image - 8984171264
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