Art of Trolling
H3H3 roasted

Youtube Legends 'H3H3' Ask to Be Roasted. Instead They Get a Raging Forest Fire.

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The Ceiling Doesn't Care...

Cheezburger Image 7672975872
Created by Unknown
parenting dad family - 80652289

Super Chill Dad Gets Assassinated Everyday by His Son with a Nerf Gun

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She's always in another castle!

luigi mario princess - 3393220096
Created by Unknown

I'd Be a Fool NOT to Take Advantage of This Sweet Deal!

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Created by Unknown
wtf kanye west Video - 81863425

This Compilation of Weird Kanye Noises is the Greatest Video of All Time

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Someone Got Dumped

beer free funny sign - 8337235712
Via Linzeekp

Highway Signs in Massachusetts

driving boston traffic - 8180014592

Quit Smoking the Scary Way!

craigslist shoppers beware smoking - 6494610176
Created by Unknown

Heyya, I'm a Mac

mac poop troll - 4669666304
Created by Norman_Steel

The Troll Republic

border patrol - 6214246656
Created by BopazTheGreat ( Via Conch Republic Website )

I Only Wear These Once a Month

IRL - 4770134784
Created by roraborealis

Yes, Yes I Am

IRL late signs traffic - 4733962496
Via my name is bennett

Thanks, Bing!

bing - 8303780352
Created by Unknown

Varies By Woodchuck

iphone siri woodchuck - 5348623104
Created by chutiya

U So Hot

breasts craigslist hot mirror - 4334065152
Created by Unknown