Art of Trolling

so it's a role playing game?

christmas gift girlfriend troll - 4111211008
By righteousrob

If You Owned a Plane, You'd Do This Too


How to Win at Omegle

floating Gravity moon Omegle pen win - 4307117312
By Unknown

The King of Douchey Parking

parking like a douche parking - 8405217536

You Also Might Need an Extension Cord

bath duck IRL suicide - 5839240448
By Unknown

Every Day is a Test

funny memes test date today
Via cartel

Oh. We Stand Corrected.

twitter FAIL - 8440092672
Via @richfroning

How to Fool a Hockey Goalie

gifs hockey sports NHL - 8197157120
list halloween image - 1054981

These Hilarious Pictures of People Being Scared in a Haunted House Will Make You Think Twice About Visiting a Haunted House With a Hidden Camera

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Sounds Like a Great Wish

Death kill Yahoo Answer Fails - 4912096512
By Bona

Don't You Move a Muscle

money phone scam shoppers beware - 5746724096
By JohnSmith42

iAm Going to Kill You

gifts presents ipad - 7166123520
By Unknown

Anti-Joke Baktash

box IRL joke - 5243417344
By Dchipy

I'll Meet You at the Corner

IRL sign street names that looks naughty - 6328041216
By Unknown
IRL movies Video - 83234305

Movies Would Be Pretty Boring If They Were Realistic

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queen elizabeth trolltube selfie Video - 63374337

As If Queen Elizabeth Wasn't Terrifying Enough on Her Own

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