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asl disconnect Omegle secret onion rings sexytime - 4577835776
By l33tz0rx
Music stephen colbert rnc Video - 81522177

Stephen Colbert Sums Up the Republican National Convention in Song and Dance

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Me Too, Trucky

IRL truck - 5676956928
By Unknown
ghosts prank Video - 80936961

These Kids Went Into a Creepy Abandoned Factory and They Didn't Expect to Be Pranked With Ghost Noises?

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Pot, Meet Kettle

Bronies facebook gay justin bieber - 5691561216
By trollcave_08
cups Starbucks Video holidays - 83557377

Smashmouth Prevails on These Wonderfully Festive Decorated Starbucks Cups

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No, From Psyduck

yahoo answers question regarding the evolution of the platypus duck
By Unknown

Harry Did It, Hagrid!

best of week IRL Lord of the Rings news - 5205992960
By Unknown

More Chocolate, More Love

chocolate facebook forever alone relationships - 5555382016

What Your Milkshake Can Do for Your Country

awesome census lyrics milkshake - 5064749056
By Unknown

Why Haven't They Burst Into Flames?

IRL kissing owned Westboro Baptist Church - 4839963904
By YellowJacketNinja (Via
commercial honesty Video - 82842369

If Antidepressant Commercials Were Honest

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prank Video - 77953025

When You're Just Trying to Get a Spoon and Your Drawer is Full of Parrot

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Lassie, Come Home!

dogs IRL missing sign wife - 5703613184
By Unknown