Art of Trolling

Cleverbot Explains It All

ICP magnets - 4186229504
Created by robbieryan

Starting With the Man in the Mirror

facebook mirror Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6271793920
Created by 00DayMan00

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game!

kids parenting - 8403565568


Pillow pregnant - 3536258816
Created by laureo

I'm Also a Browns Fan

i suck at fantasy football fan
Via Tonyeeee

C'mere You Sweet Little Hibachi

asl girl grill Omegle roleplay - 5080140032
airplane fight trolling Video - 78576129

Watch This Dude Lie His Way Through a BBC Interview About a Wild On-Flight Fight

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The Same Goes for the Whip

funny sign how to twerk
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Perhaps You Need to Invest In Better Toilets

poop rude toilets - 4747259904
Created by mcralex

That'll Make Her Sizzling Mad

bacon christmas presents - 7962225408

Cool Story, Dead Bro

facebook story - 5931425536
Created by CatcherInTheRye

Parents These Days Will Try Anything

dogs parenting - 8322267648
Created by Luucaa

A! No, B!

circle optical illusion - 5734305024
Created by tyjgraaf

Classic: Why Are You Never at Your Desk?

camera IRL painting wall win - 4961413376
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Chat Roulette frodo Hall of Fame sauron - 3245883392

Pedobear Strikes Again

cracked desktop IRL screen - 4651775488
Created by nine13reaker