Art of Trolling

Leave the Wit to the Men

kitchen sandwich women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4737238528

Just Wait Until The End Of This GIF

mindwarp gifs cars - 8483853568
By anselmbe

No Kidding!

wet floor swimming pool - 8265110784

Friends Are A-Holes Sometimes

gif best friends friends - 7887107584
By Unknown

He Does Have a Ton of Money

ATM batman IRL signs - 4747784704
Via The High Definite

I Got It the First 100 Times!



ascii art cybering Hall of Fame Omegle rick astley - 3226786816
By Unknown

But... You Said That Every...


Abstinence Is 99.99% Effective

Babies facebook owned - 4601645824
By blackula5643
cooking Video cookies - 80453889

Get Everyone to Like You With This Cookie Recipe From You Suck at Cooking

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youtube impersonation detroit pranks funny Video - 51055105

Fake Ryan Gosling Trolls People in Downtown Detroit

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Go Somewhere Else

phones emergency - 8428204288

Smooth Operator

facebook lost and found owned - 5541087744
By Unknown

Caution: Delicious Breakfast Ahead!

floor IRL wtf - 6352318208
Via Raven Clawdia

Troll Strikes Back

Blood lol strangers Yahoo Answer Fails - 4324866560
By Unknown
amy's baking company has meltdown after appearing on Gordon Ramsay

The Worst Company Meltdown on Facebook Ever

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