Art of Trolling

Why Would Anyone Leave Her?

eww text trolling wtf - 6137335808

The Excuse Is a Lie

class Portal professor smart video games - 4679260160

Scumbag God

god batman bruce wayne iGod - 7145122048
Created by ZydrateGirl
socks trollface Video - 14851841

Socks with Sandals

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That's a Hell of a Pick Up Line

I need to get a flat screen mirror
Via Vitosquito

Curse You, Trolloon!

balloon camera IRL lady fun bags sigh - 4427704576
Created by Unknown

If God Isn't Real, How Me a Religion Start a War?

atheism religion twitter - 6590050560
Created by PetePete

Chatroulette Like a Pro

bra Chat Roulette chatroulette dude girl How To lady fun bags tape tranny tricks - 4420747008
Created by Unknown

Fill Your Backyard With Rare Unisquirrels

amazon products horse mask squirrel feeder
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deadpool win - 1345797

Ryan Reynolds: The Merc With a Mouth and God-King of Twitter

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This Fact Crosses the Language Barrier

flake and gray gay google justin bieber obviously - 4519021568
Created by la_lonja

Relevance Is a Little Pokey

gumby i own a horse puns - 4436240384
Created by akirakun9993

It's a Trap!

movies saw shoppers beware twilight - 5260963072
Created by tits

Want to Motivate Your Friend to Do a Clean, Slow Rep? Put His Phone in the Weights.

fitness exercise workout phones - 8176334336


banana IRL slip trollface - 4674056448

The Universe Hates Me

accidents hospitals pain - 7958310912