Art of Trolling
signs safety - 26373

12 Not so Safe Safety Signs

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Did You Miss Me?

books prank - 8608146944
Via MinionKingBob

That's Gross, Jesus

jesus gross facebook - 7133176576
Harry Potter list Memes - 973829

Some People Chose Their Own Patronuses and They Are Much Better Than the Real Ones

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Remi Gaillard trolltube - 60429057

Beware of Raging Animals

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Classic: Everything Goes

cheating IRL relationships sign TV - 6422697984
yolo - 59736577

Better Shut Up

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Gonna Getcha

twitter well played seal shark - 7029392896
Via @TheAverageShark

Aren't We All?

Charlie Sheen conan IRL - 4545602048
Created by jake
trolltube Japan - 55491073

Japanese Game Show Tricks Woman Into Thinking Everyone Around Her is Dead

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Chat Roulette funny faces - 3392436992
Created by Me

Don't Even Make the Joke You're Thinking of Right Now

cake pie dessert - 8110760704

Slow day

pedobear school van WoW - 4123946752
Created by HorseGuy

That should help!

google maps lost - 7305384960
Created by Guyu


the fox school tests what does the fox say ylvis - 7854850304

Troll Gates

comments youtube trololo Bill Gates - 7116522752
Created by X9Cinema