Art of Trolling

KFC, never eat there....

sign fap kfc - 6728768768
Created by Storm1091 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Look at This! Are You Happy Now, Obama?

thanks obama blockbuster netflix - 7891973632


literal Omegle problem - 3777117696
Created by Zomgpancakes

The First Avenger

misquotes superheroes - 4869999872
Created by nuclearbastard
prank Video olympics - 82563329

Prankster Fools People Into Thinking He's an Olympic Gold Medalist

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You Little Trickster

avengers loki sms - 6567848960

Cat's Dreams

comments dreams Cats - 7019588864
Via F-Yeahanonquestions

It Looks Like a Gremlin

Awkward kitty Omegle wet - 4525513728
Tom Mabe trolltube Video - 70633217

This Biohazard Removal Team Can't Stop Tripping and Falling Over

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backwards racism youtube - 5762937088
Created by klacebo
new years Video - 84139009

Don't Have Plans for New Years? Stare Quietly Back at Nick Offerman for an Hour While You Wait for the Countdown in This Video

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I see...

blind I see what you did there - 4129697280

Wow Scienec is Magical

science Neil deGrasse Tyson - 8381421312

Mother of Troll!

IRL moms troll what - 5148843008
Created by alienman

Get Out. Now.

vegetables - 7938202880

Context is Key