Art of Trolling

Still a Better Song Than Baby

justin bieber Music rick roll Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6373640704
By Yun

Want to Sample Some?

Jell-O pee urine sample - 8224344832


plane money - 7068493824
By Unknown

Use Your $5 Return on Beers

sign IRL taxes - 8749033472
By Unknown

D: i just wanted to be friends...

idiots lord Mars meme Y U NO - 4111683072
By Jo

Classic: Benefits Package Includes Free Pizza

hiring IRL TMNT - 4959325952
By embrcd

Do Gun Scopes Count as Corrective Lenses?

military soldiers army - 7706665216
By Unknown

Much Appreciated

dads parenting troll dad - 8325845248
facebook Harry Potter parody Video - 83693569

It's a Good Thing Computers Don't Work in the Wizarding World Because Harry Potter Should Probably Stay off of Facebook

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Stay Away From Our Youth

career facebook spelling teacher - 5488088320
By Unknown

Grammar > Racism

racism grammar facebook - 6676705280
By Droopah1

He's Already Bought a House

Awkward relationships Skyrim video games - 5437776640

Do You Have A Boyfriend?

boyfriend text troll dad sms - 6988162304
By freshbru

To Infinity and Beyond

buzz lightyear misquotes star wars transformers - 5091496448
By FrankieDudeUltimate

Troll Power!

Bad Translator power trolling truth - 5425899264
By basky304

Graffiti So Ugly a Caveman Could Have Done It

billboard GEICO graffiti IRL slogan - 4945726720
By Unknown