Art of Trolling

How Can He Remain Emotionless?!

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The Joys of Parenthood

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The Trick Is to Use Them Oppositely

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The Purge Approaches

reverse lent after christmas purge
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Unbuttoning My Pants Now

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Can't Read My, Can't Read My

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It Sounds Amazing!

amazing horse lick raisins Songs weebl Yahoo Answer Fails - 4671967488

An Argument for Evolution If I've Ever Seen One

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I Couldn't Stop Putting Them in My Mouth

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Harry Potter trolltube - 59518977

Dementors Are Real, and They're Following fouseyTUBE Around

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She's Got a Certain Charm

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There's No Way Baristas Don't Do This on Purpose

Starbucks coffee - 8355148288

This Bar's Urinal is a Wee Bit More Interesting

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Dumbledore's Wisdom

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