Art of Trolling

And Here I Thought They Already Died in Hurricane Sandy

jersey shore IRL tip jar - 6764426496
Created by Unknown

Bill Murray: Never Not Interesting

bill murray - 8210060288

Hmm, Maybe Somewhere North East of India?

cricket facebook india sports - 4593986304
Created by Hira.Bokhari

I'm Not Gonna Lie: That's Impressive

arts college farts graffiti school - 7925748224
Created by Unknown
hot dog vine Video - 81978881

*Hot Dogs Fly Everywhere*

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"You Saw That, Didn't You?"

gifs surprise - 8204928512


cars driving trucks - 8106459904
Created by Unknown

Thanks, Guys...

birthdays cakes - 8047136768
Created by Unknown
Music Video - 79718145

If Ozzy Osbourne Went Through a Ska Phase Like Everyone Else Did in the 90s

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Christmas is Dece, I Guess...

christmas - 8399672576

GTFO, Armenia

countries russia youtube - 6509246976
Created by MooseTahKrakish

Apparently Graphjam too

cheezburger pedobear yahoo answers - 4168423936
Created by Zoe94

I Got You Some Juice

IRL oranges pole signs - 5443679744
Created by Unknown

More Trouble Than It's Worth

wtf signs disabled wheelchairs - 8088630016
Created by Unknown

Brute Force

grandma Yahoo Answer Fails - 4809622016
Created by LookingGlassShard ( Via )

Heartbeat Not Required

girls sexytimes Yahoo Answer Fails - 4968278784
Created by Unknown