Art of Trolling


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Created by ehsteve88

Thought I Smelled Smoke

motorcycles gifs smoke - 8216259840
Created by beernbiccies

Just Take It, Please

horrible IRL superman video game - 6149018368

He asks for both

facebook pics why not both - 6696349440
Created by Fudg3M0nk3y

Hopefully it's not happening at the same time.

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Created by Unknown

It's Getting Sassy Up in the Office

passive aggressive - 7992154112

Always Use Protection

wifi - 8380014848
marriage proposing weddings disneyland - 98565

If You're Going to Photobomb, Go Big or Go Home

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Stop Complaining or GTFO

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Created by Armada21

After Being Hambushed, This Old Lady Wasn't Going to Let the Attacker Pigpocket Her

funny facebook image old lady beats off thief with bacon
Via GMP Trafford South

Maybe it Is

comments tumblr fruit meat - 6849106688

Happy Birthday, Honey!

birthdays Balloons - 8132491520


Chat Roulette rick roll trollface - 3470955776
trump mixes up 7 11 with 9 11

Donald Trump Said "7-11" When Talking About "9/11" and the Internet Response Did Not Disappoint

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Why Did You Have to Ruin a Good Thing, Carter?

image signs sad Why Did You Have to Ruin a Good Thing, Carter?
Via verbsnounsandshit
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You Did NOT Just Make Me Miss Madonna!

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