Art of Trolling

There's Always That

facebook faptimes forever alone - 5366754304
By Unknown

Blame "The Man," Man

The Man conspiracy - 7061936128
By PrincessWordplay

Jokes Are Hard Sometimes

jokes tumblr - 7952174848
By Unknown

He's Not Green, But He's Definitely a Creeper

Cheezburger Image 8009371648
By Unknown

I Choose You

i own a horse Omegle Pokémon - 4394942208
By Unknown

That Works

boyfriend preggers trap yahoo answers - 6875150336
By Unknown
list neckbeards fedoras - 156165

You May Have Swag, But Neckbeards Have Class

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Better Douche Than Dead

cemetery graves - 8285857280

They're Better at It

cleaning google men vs women - 5751149056
By Woman

How Long Did This Take to Work?

good idea name Omegle steve wtf - 4439286272
By shikyosword

Burn Deez Nuts

smell my nuts candle
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Not As Relaxing As My Usual

billboard IRL massage - 5100206592
By victoriavandenberg

Wow! Tigers Sure Are Amazing

image trolling tiger Wow! Tigers Sure Are Amazing
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april fools bbc england pranks spaghetti Video - 17031681

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, But...

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Magnus vs. Magnets

better IRL kids magnets - 4653416960
By cerise

He Dropped the Beats on His Head

Death raisin face skrillex wikipedia - 6055446528
By ichckid098