Art of Trolling

Nothing Gets Me Going Like Not-AIDS

attraction facebook poll - 4677299200
Created by PsychoPanda

Call the Police

gun IRL running - 4817333248
Created by kaitlinjames19

The Wheels on the Bus Go Back to Bed

parenting twitter - 6210742528
Created by Unknown
tinder trolltube fouseytube Video - 70226689

Be Careful Out There, Guys. Tinder Can Be Dangerous for You Too!

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Academic Astley

never gonna give you up rick astley - 4704449024
Created by defunctzombie

Great Idea on Paper, Unless That Paper is Your Property

politics - 8757505280
Created by Unknown

How do I Nyan?

math nyancat test - 6591116544
Created by Unknown

The Breakfast of Champions

IRL xbox cereal - 6722770944
Created by Unknown
guns prank Video shooting - 73671169

Quite Possibly the Cruelest Prank Anyone Could Pull

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It's Art, Okay?

art toilet paper - 7978085632
Created by Unknown

It is With Great Sorrow That I Say Congratulations

greeting cards hallmark funny - 7494716416
Created by Unknown

Troll Dog

dogs IRL Okay troll - 4648137216
Created by OleJ96

It's only a bad idea if your GF is home

girlfriend sexytime - 3483937792
Created by Unknown



Nice Try!

spanish texting - 8291804160

Camel Thongs

flip flops shoes Yahoo Answer Fails - 4730538496
Created by Unknown