Art of Trolling
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It's Okay to Binge Watch on Netflix Now, Bill Nye Said So

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Netflix and Chill has Finally Come Home

netflix and chill irl Netflix and Chill has Finally Come Home
Via @eeelms
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MagicOfRahat Walks on Water, Might Be Jesus

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So Many Tears

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The St. Patty's Day Diet

diet cookies food - 8109792512
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For the Heavy Hitters

parking parking like a douche - 8259958528

Can't Tell If Trolling or World Is Just That Sad

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Happy Birthday, Honey!

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I'm Doing Martial Arts and I'm Still Alive

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april fools prank Video - 79268097

April Fools'... I Guess

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I Don't Like the Exchange Rate on This Thing...

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Babies jimmy kimmel youtube lie witness news kim kardashian kanye west pregnant funny Video - 51017729

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People Where They Were When Kanye and Kim Had Their Baby

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The Xbox Thing Was a Personal Issue

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Fear the Real Killer

Game of Thrones bumper stickers - 8209984000

They're on the Nice List

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