Art of Trolling

Get Off the Road

books IRL - 5407714048
coins fire troll science Video - 12182529

Troll Science Party Tricks

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Basketball Bait

bait basketball black people - 5550226688
Created by itroitnyah

Vampires in My Body

the internets vampires yahoo answers - 6402008832

Why Haven't They Burst Into Flames?

IRL kissing owned Westboro Baptist Church - 4839963904
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Heeeere's Trollface

movies troll face - 4477319424
Created by BrokenEye3

Go Ahead, Do It

bad idea funny the ring scary wtf g rated dating - 8096665344


fake facebook - 7034065408

Oh the Possibilities!

tickets free - 7847495936

Clever Advertising Level: Expert

funny memes divorce truck get single license plate
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He's Simpler Than You Think

bad day - 5429953792
Created by Bendyrulz


scared bathroom - 6933028352

Aaaay.... I see what you did there

piracy - 7127335936
Created by b-hawk1

Harry Botter

Harry Potter spells - 4239388160
Created by Alysa

Great Shopping Tips!

prank store cauliflower Great Shopping Tips!
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This Must Be How Gatorade Gets Their Audio

gatorade hockey trolling sports - 7936484608