Art of Trolling

No Match for You Mammals

dinosaur lyrics Omegle song - 4345965568

Oops, Meant to Send That to My Mom

facebook gay mom twitter - 4472649216
Created by Unknown

New Favorite Bumper Sticker

bumper stickers - 7689135104
Created by Unknown
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Get Some Granola in Your Life With This Recipe From You Suck at Cooking

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Interacts With the Public

gifs australia - 8209107200

Definitely not an English Textbook

textbooks english college - 6892294912
Created by Unknown


family guy phoenix wright trolling - 6131172352
Created by Unknown

And Eventually to Heaven

bus IRL religion science - 5923794176
Via Victor Stenger

At Least We Get an Extra Hour of Sleep

clocks tldr wikipedia - 8370700544
Created by tentoes2 ( Via TL;DR Wikipedia )

Vacation is Awesome!

snapchat facebook vacation - 8296114176
list parenting pranks - 982277

Troll Dad Recreates His Daughters Modeling Photos

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Chris Hansen Cleverbot nature pedobear wait wut - 3779896576
Created by Unknown

Don't You Dare Wash Your Hands

IRL sign - 6475504384
Created by Unknown


dogs euthanasia food math pets - 4035626240

Don't Touche Me There

arms typing Cleverbot touché - 6916394240
Created by infectedbeezy

What Have You Got to Lose?

motivational demotivational - 8603410688
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