Art of Trolling

Nothin' Wrong With a Little Self-Deprecation

bumper stickers Prius toyota - 8033936896

Nice Lampshade, Bro

cardboard IRL troll face - 5700309504
Created by Penman

A Wine Truck With a Sense of Humor

wine driving trucks - 8313002240

Girl Gets Revenge on Her Cheating Boyfriend

revenge relationships cheating funny dating - 7515872512
Via Reddit


yahoo answers - 6487833344
Created by cakeyondeck
loud noise truancy story library noms food Video - 43110913

You Guys Want Some?

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Trolling on Cheezeburger

guns alphabet banned - 7129500416
Created by Larfleeze

She's Just What I'm Looking For

pr0n sexy times lady - 4292744448
Created by Billy Goat

Oh... Right. Good Thinking!


No One's Going to Click That!

lemon party rick roll shock sites - 5098057216
Created by microcozm

Which of These Beloved Stranger Things Characters Are You?

image stranger things characters Which of These Beloved Stranger Things Characters Are You?
Via lilacdan


monty python Omegle - 3768886272

Awwwww, That's Rude!

batman superheroes - 8258427904

His BAC is Off the Charts

alcohol wine - 8213510400

It Is? Oh...

cigarettes - 8009080064

Who Did This to My Office?

justin beiber Office - 7050128128
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