Art of Trolling

Staying Fit Has Never Been so Much Fun

twitter fitness fapping - 6958679808
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Is That Why He Sings That Way?

CD IRL justin bieber - 5495163648
Created by han.rar

You Keep Using That Phrase "ANY Car!"


Sexy Singles in Your Area!

dominos-pizza business signs - 8168127744

Wow, Sweet Deal!

dollar store deals - 8302941184

I Thought That Was Just Me!

waffles shoppers beware facebook Walmart trolling - 6659774976
Created by Unknown

Yeeeah, I'm Gonna Go Find a Detour...

street names - 8105064704
Created by Unknown

Don't Be Ashamed

cancer dragons facebook - 4562482688
Created by Unknown

TOTALLY Not Suspicious...

amazon - 8138170368

iSee What You Did There

rip steve jobs Yahoo Answer Fails - 5279621632
Created by ZaneKyri ( Via )


bathroom IRL pedobear shower - 4703921920
Created by Unknown

Criminal Masterminds

texting - 8005617920
Created by Unknown

Don't I Know It

pizza signs wisdom Don't I Know It
Via KickYouDown


bd youtube p3n0r - 6723659520
Created by elitesniper7

Ladies, I'm Now Available

relationship facebook - 7101453568
Created by freshbru

Heed Natural Selection

condoms parking - 8164045824
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