Art of Trolling

We All Scream for Subpar Service

customer service ice cream yelp failbook - 8322568448
Via Brown Cardigan

A Simile Employs Like or As

facebook hate love opposites - 5395693824
By impliedbunnies

Two Heads are Better Than One!

april fools Troll Doll - 6049286144
By Unknown
parenting trolltube - 58583553

Eman Pranks His African Dad, Almost Gets "Swept" Away to Nigeria

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Game of Thrones trolltube Video - 71177473

Josh's Secret Comes Out While Watching Game of Thrones

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Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, and My Rubber Too

burn facebook sexytimes - 6495611648
By EliteRoach

Have to Go with Chunky

body food ginger murder Omegle - 4350287104
By Unknown

What About Mr Pibb?

coke high soda Yahoo Answer Fails - 5833138944
By Unknown

Where'd You Get Your Nails Done?

image wtf hot dogs Where'd You Get Your Nails Done?
Via eg0fapt0r

You've Accomplished So Much!

IRL yearbook - 5769642240
By Unknown

They Have Such Beautiful Mating Calls

dolphin sms text wolf - 5963675904
By ashley504

Astoundingly Accurate Overwatch Tracer Cosplay

Via vemfanvet

Looks like ancient Anasazis were well hung

Cheezburger Image 7769115136
By chezmunkey (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Last Ones Went Nyansane

Bad Translator nyan nyancat - 4902435072
By _Dakkon_

How Courageous!

Cheezburger Image 5561648640
By wisher2good


bewbs hat lady fun bags - 3519571968
By Unknown
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