Art of Trolling

This Is How You Remind Me of How Bad Music Is

beauty facebook Music nickelback - 5551396096
Created by Unknown

I Always Knew That Was Code for Something

autocorrect lol sms - 6760385536

I'm a Real Slimeball

dream slug wtf youtube - 5594231040
Created by MebeRuby

I Love Their Anthem!!!!

south korea wikipedia gangnam style - 6672285696
Created by naaily1006
Music trolltube - 55712513

Tobias Fünke's Doppelgänger Performs a Song With a Ridiculous Message on American Idol

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Ayy Lmao

puns - 8414646272

"I'm sick of..."

yolo twitter Harry Potter - 6743141888
Created by breekj260

Troll Level: Ambassador

wtf holidays - 6912036608
Created by Unknown

Unless They're Footy PJs

gay marriage straight Yahoo Answer Fails - 4913757184
Via Space Ghetto

Got an Outie for My Sweet 16

audi girl Omegle - 4369575424
Created by DickRichards

Jethro Tull Would Be Proud

dumb friends Music Yahoo Answer Fails - 4631629568
Created by fritomoonpie
customer service Jack Vale trolltube Video - 63352065

What's the Worst Customer Service You've Ever Received?

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Spotted in the London Underground

bible england IRL rain summer - 6350260224

Nothing Like a Jolly Rancher to Wrangle the Ol' Beetus!

candy diabetes - 8124139008

Generosity Feels Great

IRL that sounds naughty tips - 4914014208

I Want More!

facebook troll face - 4873014272
Created by bigbang377
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