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Not Today, Ebola

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My Caviar Smells Better Than the 99%

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You First!

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Your Move, Mom...

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Manager lays off a third of the team, expects remaining people to work harder, and it backfires | r/ProRevenge Join u/gaarmstrong318 1d 3 O1 S 1 2 Lay off third team and expect us work harder will see about So this happened sometime 2010's somewhere UK s all revealing worked medium sized PLC small team worked with sales department getting quotes had previously worked another team different department same company as well. This also includes elements malicious compliance l'll post this there as

Manager Fires Third Of Team, Expects Them To Work Harder, It Backfires

Manager had no idea what they were doing.
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That's the Face of the First to Die

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Is It a Prank? Probably...

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Nothing Better. Absolutely Nothing.

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Never Change, Nic

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A Guy Calls in Sick to a Place Where He Doesn't Even Work, It Seems Like He'll Still Need to Be There for His Shift

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Classic: Panda, You Lead Me Astray

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Classic: The Hell Was That First Guy Doing?

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This MMA Fighter Has an Awfully Unfortunate Name: Danny Mainus

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Scars of the Past

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