Art of Trolling

I Have Bad News

burning gay penis sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4327705344
Created by chaz


Lord of the Rings youtube The Hobbit - 7005916928
Created by Pony_Blitz

With a Classic Taste That Will Never Let You Down!

image rick roll snacks With a Classic Taste That Will Never Let You Down!
Via baconandpotatoes
cooking satan Video - 74520065

Learn to Cook Yams and Summon Satan All at Once!

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This is How to Totally Legit Not Brick Your Xbox One Console and Unlock Backwards Compatibility

How to unlock backwards compatibility on xBox One - Screenshot
Created by deepdark ( Via backcompatiblexbone )
cringe prank Video - 80301057

This Guy Is Not Pranking Anyone but Himself With This Awkward Attempt at Trolling People by Asking for Directions

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trolltube Video - 66191361

Hey Dude, Wanna Arm Wrestle?

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boy Omegle woman - 4275494912
Created by 1337Vivian

I've Seen Enough Entei to Know Where This Is Going

abra Omegle Pokémon - 4963400704
Created by Unknown

Back to Normal

facebook celeb politics - 6743687424
Created by TuckerBentley

What Was I Thinking???

Cleverbot math - 7061168128
Created by jtdgreat

That's More Like It

art fart - 6894210304
Via Pleated Jeans

She Was Born for That Job


Plagiarism is Easy, Original Material is Hard

celeb golden globes - 8002204160
Created by Unknown

Baseball Player Roy Halladay Spots Someone With a Familiar Jersey

photobomb twitter sports - 8425092608
Via @RoyHalladay

Trolling, Physics Class Style

physics school electricity college energy - 8074648832
Created by Unknown
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