Art of Trolling

Technical Foul...

Awkward basketball - 8131315968

Even This Moorman Doesn't Know

facebook magnets mormons spelling - 4458871808
Created by shuddupwomangetonmyhorse

When You Wish Upon a Star

anti joke chicken best of week facebook friends star - 5901268992
Created by Unknown
rap bad words Video - 80498689

This Song Hates Absolutely Everything

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The Lost Cat Was Pregnant!

cat free IRL kitten lost opossum - 4508972288
Created by Unknown
roomba smearing dog poop allover the floor

Please Consider This Frightening Tale of Pooptastrophe Before Getting a Roomba With Pets

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You Can Use Anything If You Try Hard Enough

Cheezburger Image 8751131392
Via dailydoseof

WolframAlpha, I Think You Might Need to Take a Break

fire trucks siri - 7752338432
Created by Unknown

Probably Not the Best Choice

parenting selfie texting - 8428142080
food - 77455361

How to Serve Yourself at a Buffet

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A Quick Head Count Could Have Saved Us 103 Minutes

airport google Home Alone movies - 6496441856
Created by Unknown
cooking rap parody Video - 82785793

Let You Suck at Cooking Teach You About Ice Cream With a Delicious Rap

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That's One Way to Think About It...

thanksgiving texting - 8385491456




birthday pink sms - 6637866240
Created by freshbru

There's Nothing Naughty About This at All

50 shades of grey facebook paint - 6469323264
Created by Unknown
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