Art of Trolling

You Uncultured Swine!

Cheezburger Image 7895543808
Created by Unknown

I Do Not Want to Live in This World Anymore

justin bieber Music queen - 6593168128
Created by LeSparta
coworkers photoshop - 109829

Meet Earl Lee. Earl Lee's Coworkers Are A-Holes...

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comments global warming Video - 79638785

The Best Way to Leave a Polite Comment on a Video About Global Warming

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comedian trolls a scammer online

Comedic Legend of Our Time Trolls Obvious Scammer to Perfection, Vowing to Marry Her in 'Hindu Mosque'

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Someone Said Never

Bieber IRL movies never say never - 4653367808

It Felt Great

facebook love that sounds naughty - 6751149056
Created by Joe S.

Y U No Connect With Me!?

creeper missed connections shoppers beware wtf - 5519746048
Created by Unknown

Your Logic is Truly Flawless


You Naughty, Naughty Bot

Cleverbot lemon party shock sites - 4561593600
Created by Unknown
Jack Vale siri jackvalefilms trolltube - 59527169

"Siri, How Do I Steal Purses?"

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As the Fifth of November Nears

mask Omegle v for vendetta - 5256003072
Created by flamesofdoom12345

Will Always Love You!

misquotes Oprah Winfrey facebook whitney houston - 6761650432
Created by Unknown
kids youtube trolling Video - 81775105

The Internet Is Not a Good Place for Children

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How to Catch a White Girl

trap white girls - 7111042048
Via Tastefully Offensive

You Butthurt, Bro?

butthurt - 7601940224
Created by Unknown
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