Art of Trolling

Maths Troll

facebook jokes math textbook - 6367636224
Created by marzipanking
meme Pokémon puns trolling Video - 36973057

The Thugs Arbok in Town

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It seems yours isn't working, can I offer you a new one?

Cheezburger Image 6531456256
Created by Lord_Talron
Jack Vale jackvalefilms trolltube bubbles - 60891393

Suddenly, Out of Nowhere, BUBBLES!

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I Do, But Never the Whole Thing

accidentally the whole sometimes wolfram alpha - 5531313152
Created by efrazable

If You Let Your Friends Get Their Hands on Your Phone, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

best friends friends phones texting - 8160518400

Got Any Fours?

cards IRL roller coaster splash mountain - 4567162624
Created by Jacob C.

Make sure your Internet Explorer bill is paid up too

apps facebook pay - 3681321728
Created by Unknown

God's a pedophile?!

iGod illegal pedobear religion too young - 4175529216
Created by Unknown

Those Are Great In Smoothies

Omegle recipes shock sites spymode - 5058851328
Created by Christofish
donald trump parody Video - 81993729

Some People Say Sassy Trump is Best Trump

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He's Got a Firm Grasp On Childcare

babysitting children pedobear Yahoo Answer Fails - 4841895168
Created by Gamling

That Was Fowl

asl chicken country Omegle Turkey - 5053808384
Created by Unknown

$5,000 Well Spent

funny amazon reviews expensive video card
Via Reddit
jimmy kimmel ghosts pranks - 75574529

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks a Guy to Help Him Get Over His Fear of Ghosts

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halloween trolling prank Video - 75185153

Ensure You'll Never Get Your Deliveries Again With This Zombie Prank!

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