Art of Trolling

Maybe Try Not Being So Two-Dimensional

plane spelling win Yahoo Answer Fails - 4946820352
Created by NocensAstrum ( Via )
drinking bars Video casual - 81177089

How to Navigate the Bar Scene

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Just Ca-Noodling Around

ramen tumblr dads parenting failbook g rated - 7895010560
Created by anselmbe

This is What You Sound Like When You Talk About Vaccines, Moms on Facebook

funny memes danger of oxygen


link video games zelda - 8240456448
Via Did Yuo Kno Gayming

I Feel Like I Got Trolled by Jesus

jesus judgment day RAPTURE - 4801967872

A Whole New Me!

funny fake animal facts

A Comedian Planted Fake Animal Facts All Over the LA Zoo and They Are Hilarious

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They Give You Free Money For Shopping There

Yahoo Answer Fails - 4777430784
Created by michaeljcaboose
H3H3 roasted

Youtube Legends 'H3H3' Ask to Be Roasted. Instead They Get a Raging Forest Fire.

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Bad to the Bone

facebook friend - 5832402688
Created by Unknown

The Arse of Trolling

acne IRL ouch - 4447881984
Created by Unknown

Typing Test for Brian

IRL keyboard keys switch - 5130124800
Created by TheCodeMonk

All That Doggie Paddle Tuckered Him Out

dead dogs floating pool Yahoo Answer Fails - 4733576448

Hey Kids, Let Me Show You Something

that looks naughty gifs prank - 8278642688
Via brown cardigan


guitar pope rock - 3621820416
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