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Had a Wife But Couldn't Keep Her

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Trust Me, the Views Are Lovely

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Especially Pie Flavor

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He Offers Astounding Insight Into the Matter

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What Would You Do if a Random Girl Told You She Was Pregnant With Your Kid?

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For More Than a Second, If You Would be So Kind

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The Last Line Should Read: And I Am Too

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Dying at the Carwash, Yeah!

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He's Enslaved a Million Little Girls

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Little People Make the Best Pranksters

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The Emoji and the Bees

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Both of Them Need to Sort Out They're Problems

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Guy predicts the future, and proceeds to give his colleague a nervous breakdown | r/tifu u/DeathclawTamer TIFU by giving my colleague nervous breakdown by predicting future M Happened 2 weeks ago and concluded this morning and my collegaues have good morning' call Mondays where just have chat about weekend, talk about football, rugby and interesting things have done. All chat and banter going well start talk about kids. Couple my colleagues have twins (one has grown up twins think 23

Guy Predicts Future, Gives Colleague Nervous Breakdown

An understandable panic spiral.
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No No, It's Right There! Look Again

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At Least Flail Around a Bit

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