Art of Trolling

Poor Guy...

pregnancy relationships wtf Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6380441856
Created by TeamRocketsBrock

Let's Go to the Apple Store!

apple - 7896505088
Created by Unknown

Do You Want to Make a Stir Fry?

christmas christmas presents frozen - 8413865728

This Is in a Text Book? WTF?

Cheezburger Image 6879860480
Created by Unknown

We'll Never Get There at Weenie Speed!

Aliens test truancy story - 6629022720
Created by Unknown

Don't Talk About My Momma Like That!

Omegle parents spymode whale - 5744689664
Created by Unknown

We Don't Suggest Retrieving Your Kill

bang duck face duck hunt facebook - 5672244992
Created by Unknown

I Almost Posted Something Original, But Then I Took an Arrow to the Knee

facebook repost Skyrim - 5544060416
Created by manytrolls

Get Out

tumblr - 8204768512

Open Whenever We Damn Well Please

hours IRL sign - 6627695616
Created by Unknown

There Are at Least Two Pedos In El Paso

pedobear stickers - 5497732864

All of Which

blind braille google vision - 6517118208
Created by Unknown

Or Worse...

aids - 7670914048
Created by treec_cynda

The Perfect End to a Stupid Prank

Via jinky74

Zombie Elephants 2: Giants of the Savanna

bus elephant IRL scary wtf - 6276083456
Created by Unknown
pen pineapple apple Video - 83865089

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Performed on an Actual Pen, Pineapple and Apple

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