Art of Trolling

Will There Be Kool Aid?

Black History Month food IRL racist - 5814376704
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Want Gold?

facebook gold facebook failbook g rated - 5262519552
Created by Games34208

There Is a Place Where the Sidewalk Ends

rip - 4780805120
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disconnect i own a horse Yahoo Answer Fails - 4460645632

Time Flies!

baby age time Time Flies!
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Found Him!

lgbtq navy facebook - 7732866816

I'm Going to Norway!

facebook rental - 5024071424
Created by Monster
update Video - 83515649

This Updated Video Gets to the Real Problem About the Electoral College

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Who Cares About the Need for Speed Movie?

need for speed - 7558614784
anger bill-oreilly gay homo homosexual Video youtube - 16030977

Stop Calling Bill O'Reilly A Homosexual!

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christmas wtf americana texas Video - 83837953

Stuff Your Stockings With Freedom This Christmas Thanks to the Texas Law Hawk

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A Granny's Perspective

facebook - 7108710144
Created by freshbru

Please, Tell Us How It Feels, Romeo

relationships sarcasm that feel youtube - 6390704384
Created by ZeCaptain

Classic: Awww Yeaaaaaugh

bewbees webcam - 6009451520

Just Use the Bat Signal Already

IRL batman - 6729260800
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The Poop Emoji Isn't Poop

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