Art of Trolling

My Foot Slipped

IRL mattress whoops - 4704131840
Created by bolanzo14
funniest women tweets we came across this week - Text -  taylor garron @taylorgarron i'm getting hotter as i'm getting older and that is because i always return the shopping cart to its proper home 7:57 PM Oct 26, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 2.4K Retweets 68 Quote Tweets 14.1K Likes

Funniest Tweets Written By Women Last Week (November 2, 2020)

The funny women of Twitter
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Womp Womp

clueless tampons periods - 6874664704
Created by arpunk

David Thorne, We Salute You!

david thorne justin bieber photoshop - 4623849728
Created by GrinningRat
marriage relationships dating Valentines day - 195333

Tell Your Lover How You Really Feel on Valentine's Day With These Brutally Honest Valentines

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It's as Simple as That!

reviews - 8424905728

And Now We Wait...

Cheezburger Image 8105060096

He's No Good to Me Wet

caution IRL star wars wet floor - 4794850048
Via EPICPonyz

Just a Guess

guess food - 6950475008

Trollin' VA

cars IRL license plate trolling virginia - 4412930560
Created by Zach

Nailed It in Arabic

arabic IRL translation - 6550269440
Created by PetePete

OK. No RegEx. Got It.

answer - 6999788544
Created by jc2581 ( Via )

How Vulgar!

swearing - 7228925696
Created by mayorphill


are you kidding me facebook relationships ugh - 6208558336
Created by Unknown

Send Supplies

news live news FAIL - 8398761216

Breaking News: STDs Now Transmittable Through Fapping

computer humans virus - 4760016128
Created by jerretsmannequin
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