Fun Fact: Ohio Swears the Most Out of Any State

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Twisters Would Be Way Cooler if They Stayed in One Spot

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How the Farm Prepares for the Olympics

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Deep Fried Twinkie Glock

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How Do the Clothes Know?

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This 50-Year-Old Man With No Arms Threw Out a Better First Pitch Than 50 Cent

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Be Sure to Have Kleenex Handy Before You Watch This Video of J.J. Watt Helping Out a Bullied Kid With Big Dreams

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The Stick Shot Shift

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With the Winter Olympics Right Around the Corner, Here Are Some of the Most Ridiculous Facts in Olympics History

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We All Know Who's at Fault Here

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Thanks to Free Market Economy!

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Europe's Bigger in Texas

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Says Who?

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The Hunger Games Needs a Thanksgiving Twist...

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There's More to Memorial Day Than You Think

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Violators Will Be Shot

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