This Seattle Fan Has Some Sweet Moves

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Here We See Some "Fine Art"

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With the NBA Playoffs in Full Swing, Here's a Look Back at This Season's 10 Best Dunks

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Jesus Knows That Feel

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3. Broncos' Special Teams

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Damn Kids...

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The Military-Style Ice Bucket Challenge

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This New Billboard in San Antonio is Glorious

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Sonic's Life Was Changed Forever by a Single Typo

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Somewhere in Wisconsin, Glorious "Icehenge" Has Been Erected

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Amazing Water Sports Using a Track Hoe

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Also Known as 'Sex Scandal Face'

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This Kid Dresses Better Than You Ever Will

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Hmmm, Eric or Parrish?

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Three Words: Pew, Pew, Pew

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Praise Be to His Meaty Patties!

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