They Ain't Got Too Much Competition

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The New Basic Training

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Jaguars Fans Are Trying So Hard

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Picky eater husband doesn't like that his wife makes fancy healthy food for herself and their child. | r/AmIthe. le Posted by u/Cantbethathealthy AITA making myself nice meals and not my husband? Not hole So preface by saying and my husband have vastly different tastes basically everything most part doesn't matter, but clash heavily comes food. Before met basically never ate out, drank nothing but water and unsweet tea (with occasional juice and ate mostly

Picky Eater Husband Demands Fancier Meals

Yeah man that's not happening.
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U Shud Werk Here

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The State of the Union Drinking Game!

state of the union drinking game
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Car Flop!

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Diet Logic

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How to Open a Beer in America

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Brick Friday

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You Mess With Us, We Mess With You

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I Hear This is a Common Problem

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Kemba Walker (Left, UConn Alum) and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Right, Kentucky Alum) of the Charlotte Bobcats Had to Settle a Bet After Last Night's Championship Game

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Tumblr user calls out kids' communication skills, gets their point proven instantly | beesmygod S ztacey Follow AAAAAAAA raptorific Follow genuinely worrying about people whose main source social development comes like 100 these incredibly insular and entirely unregulated internet spaces. Like this isn't even technology is bad and kids these days don't learn talk one another" post s basic conflict resolution skills and practical realities interacting with human beings are sort things probably

Tumblr User Calls Out People's Social Skills, Gets Point Proven Instantly

Seriously, no idea what they were talking about.
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Looks Like His Support is Falling

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