A Real 'Murican Breakfast

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Ingenious Redneck

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How You Know You're in America

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Decisions, Decisions...

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How One Bar is Getting Past its Food Requirements

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Un Petit Step Pour Homme, Un Giant Crêpe Pour Hommekind!

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Siri and WolframAlpha Both Know the Deal

A funny Tumblr post about a strange horticultural technique that flattens trees | biggest-gaudiest-patronuses Seguir recently learned about horticultural technique called Espalier s funniest goddamn thing ever seen.

Tumblr Thread: Strange Horticultural Technique Is Terraria IRL

Flat trees are our new favorite trees.
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Watch This Video and Learn How to Be a Hockey Player

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"Why?" You Ask?

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Outsourcing It's Super American

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Nothing to See Here

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It Doesn't Get More 'Murican Than This

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Meanwhile in Texas

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