Everyone Should Do This for Movember

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‘Chevy Guy’ Wins World Series of Awkwardness

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Americanize One Team, And the Other Doesn't Stand a Chance

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You Take It, No YOU Take It!

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High Fives All Around!

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Pooping: Yeah, It's Kinda Like That

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Sochi 2014 of the Day: Lukewarm Reactions for the USA Winter Olympics Uniforms

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Jürgen Klinsmann on the American Spirit

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Drinking Buds

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It's a PRAY-OFF, Pope Benedict XVI v. Pope Francis for the World Cup Final!

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Making a Moving T-Rex Out of Marching Band Members is Only One Highlight from This Show

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I Lawked My Keys in the Cah at This Exact Phamacy Last Week

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Awkward Tinder Exchanges & Amusing Bios

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Don't Have a Christmas Tree? Just Use a Traffic Cone, DUH!

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