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Wholesome Memes for a Shot of Niceness

Everyone needs some niceness from time to time.
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This is a Shot of Coors Field in Denver, CO Taken This Morning (May 12)

baseball snow weather MLB twitter - 8183655936
Via @Rockies

Someone Needs to Super Saiyan This J.J. Watt Gif

houston texans football gifs nfl sports - 7907054080
Created by Unknown

Teddy Roosevelt Was a Man of Action

teddy roosevelt - 8083957760
Created by Unknown

And Don't You Ever Forget It

world war II - 8337579776
basketball - 56270849

This is a World Record Basketball Shot

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Play Beer Pong Like a Champ

beer alcohol beer pong college - 8266767616

The Entire Cheerleading Squad is in Love

basketball college basketball espn sports - 8392088320

Rebording for Doody, Sir!

soldiers troops - 8172475904

Doesn't Matter Where You See Her, You Best Salute Old Glory!

flag old glory - 8140901120

It's... It's Beautiful!

guns second amendment murica - 8435889664

I Said "SUPER-SIZE," Not Medium!

guns - 8056804864
Created by Unknown

Yeah No

choir Walmart - 8224328448

NBA Players Are Like Shrek

nba basketball - 8133854464


beer food americana - 7579584000
Created by Unknown

How to Tell the Difference Between an Open Carry Patriot and a Deranged Killer

comics guns webcomics - 8219693824
Via Tom the Dancing Bug