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Jesus Was a Man of Many Talents

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Can't Wait to Meet Him!

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Nationwide's Downer of a Super Bowl Commercial is Quite Possibly the Worst Super Bowl Commercial Ever

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The Most Patriotic Costume Ever

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College Goalie Gives Up Game Winning Goal Because He Was Talking to Fans

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AskReddit thread about impactful women that often get overlooked in history | fergi20020 550 points 14 hours ago Anna Connelly invented fire escape 1887 same year, Josephine Cochrane invented dishwasher.

Heroic Women That Deserve More Recognition

Anna Connelly pulling through with the fire escape.
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Lowrider Fight!

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Sometimes He Would Double Dribble

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I Have a Sudden Craving for Some Glazed Unforeseen Circumstances

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This Blue Plate Special is Best Blue Plate Special

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Where Are All the White Cups?

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Just American Things

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He Has a Jersey and Now He's a Player

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Mmm, Bacon...

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We Smrt, Wee Promis

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