An entitled bridezilla ends up cancelling her wedding and keeping $30K gifts for herself | Bride Hi invitées wedding! After much reflection and tear filled conversation with our closest family members have decided cancel our upcoming winter wedding will further notify this group are better place reschedule thank each and every one generous early donations our money fund. Can believe have raised over $30,000 Unbelievable! Don't worry money donated will not be spent vain but rather used towards

Bridezilla Cancels Wedding, Keeps $30K Of Gifts For Herself

Get out of here with that.
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He's Here, He's There, He's Everywhere!

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Blake Anderson From 'Workaholics' Has a Pretty Damn Patriotic Vehicle

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DO WANT! Scratch That... DO NEED!

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bad airline manager fires employee and tries to make them work | Posted by u/geddes_thesea 1 day ago 52 37 E10 Next week going fire oc M Worked shitty airline company. Let's just make up name United Blairlines. At this company they started smaller company could hire and train people run planes, but pay them way less at certain airports. Where my colleagues at other airports were making over $20/hr getting paid $10.25 same- and sometimes more- work honestly would scare know little people who are

Incompetent Manager Tries To Make Employee Work After Firing Them

Fantastic idea, sir.
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Only Buy if You're Really Desperate

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A Soda Display to Make You Proud

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Do You Think That Jimmie Johnson is an Athlete?

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The Perfect Christmas Present for Bratty Kids

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Introducing The Decappy Meal!

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The Chiefs Really Haven't Lost in a While

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Spotted in Beijing

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Now This is How You Get Fans Involved in Basketball

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These Slogans are Sure to Help Tourism

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The Postal Service Responds to Amazon's Drones

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