This is Why America is Better Than Everybody Else

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America Has Some Interesting Weather Zones

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How to Turn a Pig

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Men's Life

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Survival Gear

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An AskReddit thread about things that grew classier over time | jasenzero1 Eating lobster. Used be so abundant fed prisoners. VillyD known as cockroach sea

Things That Grew Classier Over Time

Lobsters really climbed the ranks.
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A Full Glass of Freedom

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Dat World Map

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Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

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The Miracle of Life

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Just Stick to One K, No Matter How Many Ks Dice-K Gets

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Which is Right?

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Whatever You Do, Don't Eat a Booger

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Funny and cute memes for national cat day | literally any and every cat Disney's Aristocats | Gf know 's 2/$7 margaritas, but please don't get stupid tonight Ok won't 21 later: its ye boi estúpido boi estúpido cat in sombrero

36 Memes In Celebration Of National Cat Day

Meow :)
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Nerf Sports Will Make You Nostalgic for Elementary School Recess

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Tanks for the Freedom

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