That Figure is Closer to 20 Percent


Super Obvious Super Bowl Observations

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He's Going to McDonalds (Behind the Counter, More Specifically)

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It Doesn't Feel Good Being Tackled by Your Genitals

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It Looks Like Gaelic

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The Next Step to Becoming More Awesome: Robots With Machine Guns

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Socialize You Bastards!

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As Opposed to Being rEUsable

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Houston Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson Spends $17,000 on Christmas Presents for Kids in Need

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Wrecked a Guy's Face? Better Buttslap Him for Sportsmanship!

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Step It Up, Texas!

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Go! Be Free!

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funny history memes | Wisdom Teeth 50,000 BC have extra teeth so can chew through dead animal skin and tree bark wisdom teeth Modern My jaw hurts, need 2000 surgery swole doge vs cheems | going back Middle Ages teach them science TM Later earlier Yeah already Earth isn't know flat

History Memes for the Knowledge Seekers

Knowing history makes someone smart, right?
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And a Storm of Projectile Death in a Tornado


And the Game Was Ruined

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We Can't Trust Any Politicians

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