Banana Flintlock

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America Play Joke on You

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Pausing the Game at the Exact Right Moment

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Back in My Day, We Drew All 48 States By Hand

how old people see youth

Work Smart, Not Hard

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Who Needs the 'A' Anyway?

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Meatatarians Unite!

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Enough With the Phil Robertson Talk Because the 90s Had the Best Duck Dynasty Ever

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Raleigh, NC Gets 2.5 Inches of Snow, Looks Like a Warzone

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Animal meme in honor of Mother's Day and all the thing's moms do that are take for granted. LOVE YOU MOM! Thanks for everything

It's Mother's Day In The Animal Kindom And These Memes Are So Real They Hurt

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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Yes, But It Left Me Feeling Vulnerable About The Condition My Body is In

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You Can Do It, But We Need Help

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An Overview of the GOP

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The American Dream

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