That's the South for Ya

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Standard Paramedic Procedure

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Derrick Rose Seems Healthy

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US Bills and Their Buildings

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Florida Sucks

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Feed Me Troops!

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American Regions Make No Sense

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Old School Cool

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CNN Has Its News Priorities in Order

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A Posh-Sounding British-Accented Donald Trump is Honestly the Most Confusing Sounding Thing You'll Hear Today

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Another Heavenly Body Claimed by America

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A Guy and a Girl Get Caught on the Minnesota Gophers Kiss Cam. They Are NOT Going to Kiss. No Way, Uh Uh, No How, Not Gonna Happen...

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Oh Canada Snap!

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Andrew W.K. Wants to Make America Party Again

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There Are Plenty of Us Out There


Bless This Sign

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