Bringing Freedom to the Solar System

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We Can Work It Out With a Little Help From This Knockoff Phone Case

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Chipotle Drive-Thru + Taco Bell Breakfast = Death of Intestines Everywhere

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An angry customer refuses to cooperate with tech support, and makes threats | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/KrazeeLadee2 256d not restarting my modem! l'd sooner drive full 175 miles HQ punch Long Soooooo among literally thousands calls had my 4 years tech support an ISP, this guy really took cake apotheosis all those calls most infuriating yet hindsight) hilarious call ever had my life. He came on fairly quiet Saturday morning, and conversation started quite normally Good morning, this is

Belligerent Customer Won't Cooperate With Tech Support

Would've taken him 30 seconds.
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This is What NFL Team Logos Would Look Like if They Were All Designed by Hipsters

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Freedom Served With More Freedom

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Phoenix Suns C Miles Plumlee With the Sweet Block... Right Into Dwyane Wade's Face

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This is the Patchwork Someone Used to Repair Their Car

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Here We Have the Majestic Dump

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Out-Murica'ed: An Apple Store in Switzerland


A Moment of Silence, Please


It's a Start, At Least

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Strike a Pose!

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Nice Try, Tony Romo

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"They Were Cheap, I Promise!"

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Always Keep Yourself Armed

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