Google "Most 'Murican Picture Ever" and You Won't Be Disappointed

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We Don't Serve Pisswater Fans

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You Bastards!

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One Truthful Beer Commercial

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The Biggest Size is the Best Size

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KXAN in Austin, TX Can Definitely Into Geography

KXAN fail in missing R from search and also that is not where Perth is.

If Men Gave Birth

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America: Bigger, Better, Fatter

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Fishing Stereotypes

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Here, Here!

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People describe the stupidest things that they had to explain to clueless individuals | ashp10 7h although bendy, aluminum is indeed metal and CANNOT go into microwave

Most Obvious Things That Had To Be Explained To People

Learn a new thing every day.
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A Real 'Murican Breakfast

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‘Murica of the Day: There’s a Machine Gun Theme Park Opening in Orlando

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The Four Best Colors


Google is Definitely 'Murican

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Who am I Kidding?

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