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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

The Discomfort Women Have to Deal With

kids periods axe web comics - 8131020288
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Gotta Get Through These Cell Walls

Chemistry jail prison puns web comics - 8346450176
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What's Next

dogs marriage rings web comics - 7962816000
By ChainChump (Via Eat That Toast)

This is Why You Should Never Scare a Magician

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Something Really Important Just Happened

computers studying web comics - 7936367616
Via Jeremy Kaye

Winter Is Come, Let Us Shred the Gnar Gnar Pow Pow

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Slim Slow

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If Dogs Could Talk

dogs nice rain web comics - 8328057344
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Why Mommy Was Screaming Last Night

kids parenting funny web comics - 8801696256

The Sacrifices One Must Make For Truthful Art

painting funny Vincent van Gogh web comics - 7844548352
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Dogs Are Relentless

dogs cuddles funny web comics - 7870354176
By anselmbe

Watching Movies With Someone Else is Great

kids movies phones web comics - 8257704448
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You Thought the Hunger Games Was Bad?

superheroes judge dredd web comics - 8069066496
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The Hard Side of Animal Control

animals snakes web comics - 8143337472
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

What Else Are Friends For?

Music friends space web comics - 8426955008
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Stupid Cupid

web comics valentines day Stupid Cupid
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