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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

That's The Cost of Doing Business

lemonade capitalism business web comics - 7888770304
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Mathematical Aspirations

jokes puns equality math web comics - 8321195776
Via Unearthed Comics

The Planet is Pretty Effed

Via Scanned Life

Red, Go With RED!

web comics aliens Red, Go With RED!
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Well That Was Unexpected

donkey web comics - 7909876992
Via Steak Smoothie

Back in My Day

Via Mandatory Rollercoaster

You're Running Me Down

relationships web comics - 8076130304
Via AhammAday

The Jungle is Always Watching

lions paranoia web comics - 8150888448
Via Fire Plug

Hide Under The Table!

phones funny web comics AutocoWrecks g rated - 7885583616
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It's an Expression

web comics dating idiom It's an Expression
Via thorsthundershack

Maybe He's an Anti-Hero

web comics movies Maybe He's an Anti-Hero
Via plancomic

Why Did You Become a Vegetarian?

ethics vegetarians web comics - 8129752320
Via Minimumble

Every Time I Watch a Movie With My Girlfriend

couches movies TV remotes web comics - 8333023744
Via Puppettoloco

There Are Many Ways a Story Can Turn

funny web comics - 7890904576
Via Incidental Comics

This Dream Was Sponsored By Hasbro

Via Things in Squares
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