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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

Come On, Let's Listen to Pulse Demon

Music friends sad but true web comics - 8377945344
Via Pigminted

Have You Tried Switching to Hulu and Tapering Off Slowly?

web comics netflix Have You Tried Switching to Hulu and Tapering Off Slowly?
Via drunkencatcomics

Adaptation is Key to Survival

sad but true adaptation Office jk web comics - 8205183744
Via Gone Into Rapture

Hatred Makes You Dumb

characters idiots web comics - 8143802368
Via Jeniac

And Don't Even Get Started About How Today's Music Doesn't Got The Same Soul

Via Pie Comic

The Many Uses of Service Dogs

dogs web comics - 8139900160
Created by fergieflo ( Via Cyanide and Happiness )

You're Not Even Going to Tip?

web comics aliens pizza You're Not Even Going to Tip?
Via downtheupwardspiral
litter box comics about cats and owning such pets

15 Comic Strips Describing The Daily Life Of An Average Cat Family

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Give a Man

fish old sayings web comics - 8436549888
Via Cyanide and Happiness

Prehistoric Marketing

cavemen fire web comics - 8225780224
Via Channelate

I Guess You Could Say I'm Stumped

dinosaurs t rex web comics - 8050033152
Created by TrishyWishyWoo

Don't Stop Bee-Lieving!

wasps in this economy puns bees web comics - 8440077568
Created by sadsacks ( Via Sad Sacks )

Dead Joke

just kidding sad but true funeral dead web comics - 8411838208
Via Channel Ate

Everyone Can Be Beautiful

Via Loading Artists


wtf web comics - 8212788224
Created by anselmbe ( Via Cyanide and Happiness )

Some Facts About The Creation of Earth That Were Never Discussed

god earth web comics - 8299736576
Via Once Upon a Sunday