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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.


web comics viral videos Probably?
Via rgbros

His Helmet, It's Just Too Bad

Magneto professor x x men web comics - 7936025088
Via Imogen Quest

Warm Out, Eh?

sun web comics the indifference of nature - 8241477120
Via Nelluchnoj

A Father's Care

dads adoption basketball web comics - 8418045696
Via Rain Dog Comic

Kiss Your Butt Goodbye

bad guys butts web comics - 8198200064
Via Amazing Superpowers

Love is Dead

Via Nyuk Comics

How Lovely

web comics shark How Lovely
Via lonniemillsap

Can We Just Exchange It?

web comics snow white Can We Just Exchange It?
Via pepperminthelmet

It Happens to Us All, Grandpa

sad but true old people web comics - 8038215424
By Unknown

Scary Tail Gets 'Em Every Time

true Cats funny web comics - 8812826368
By Snake73

Anti-Smoking Dog

Via Things in Squares

Darth Santa

star wars web comics - 8595193088
By wiscwisc (Via consolia-comic)

Life And Donuts

donuts life sad but true web comics - 7984846592
Via Stanley Colors

All The Talk of The Office

attention work web comics - 8143652608
Via Mister Hayden

Smiling At Strangers is Nice, But This is How You Make a Positive Change in Someone's Day

Via Lunar Baboon
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