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Get Him, Buffy

Buffy edward cullen From the Movies robert pattinson twilight vampire - 5086633472
By Gherragh


edward cullen From the Movies twilight vampires zombie - 3862425088
See all captions By Loz100


fight Harry Potter kitteh twilight - 2511781120
By ruthiecaroline


blade Count von Count edward cullen From the Movies twilight - 3531027200
By vroomwut

Lestat's Argument Proven

From the Movies movies twilight - 5475742976
By aewayfarer


Beauty and the Beast books cartoons disney Gaston reading twilight - 3560559616
By sammik

He Isn't Coming Back This Time, Is He?

cedric diggory Harry Potter reaction guys robert pattinson twilight - 4903340288
By Unknown

Keanu Is the Pro

From the Movies keanu kristin stewart twilight - 5014591744

Notice How He Doesn't Say 'Actor'?

actor best of week From the Movies kristen stewart twilight will smith - 6304055296
By Unknown

It Took a Series of Movies to Say This

family guy movies sad but true twilight funny - 7733626112
By Sammmmn

Just Like Everybody Else

robert pattinson twilight - 5700206592
By JnsNrth

You Like Me With My Shirt Off?

pedobear taylor lautner twilight - 5619788032
By NathanielPawthorne

Breakups Are Rough

break up From the Movies girlfriends Harry Potter twilight - 5023670784
By dinokoalasaurus


dracula edward cullen From the Movies sean connery twilight vampires - 3348805120
See all captions By patpayne79

I Expect You to Die!

best of week comic james bond the internets twilight - 5456914432
By MaoDiggyMao

The Truth Hurts

kristen stewart Jacob Movie twilight interview - 6796273920
By Unknown