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Common Ground

edward cullen Harry Potter twilight voldemort - 5116631552
Created by PrincessWordplay

Sometimes Parents Need to Show a Little Tough Love

best of week comixed fandom lion king simba twilight - 5807215104
Created by PrincessWordplay


education money muppets statler the internets TV twilight Waldorf - 3488741376
See all captions Created by nitrokitty


fight Harry Potter kitteh twilight - 2511781120
Created by ruthiecaroline

Can You Spot All Seven?

From the Movies impossibru twilight - 6134328320
Created by Unknown


dracula edward cullen From the Movies sean connery twilight vampires - 3348805120
See all captions Created by patpayne79

It had Some Shining in It

Blood children From the Movies i am disappoint kids movies the shining twilight - 4344101376
See all captions Created by justherefortehfoodz

He Isn't Coming Back This Time, Is He?

cedric diggory Harry Potter reaction guys robert pattinson twilight - 4903340288
Created by Unknown

GTFO While You Can!

gtfo Harry Potter kristen stewart twilight - 5154576128
Created by PrincessWordplay

The Truth Hurts

kristen stewart Jacob Movie twilight interview - 6796273920
Created by Unknown

Disco Face

robert pattinson too damn high twilight - 5145523968
Created by qazaraspel

Dirty Edward

gross Memes Movie twilight vampire - 5934886656
Created by manny_dize

New Year's Resolutions

Charlie Sheen Harry Potter the internets twilight - 5621908480
Created by Estarfigam

They Trust You So Easily

From the Movies kids Pokémon twilight - 5691197440
Created by m.K-BOOM

JK Rowling: First Billionaire by Books

Harry Potter j-k-rowling stephanie meyer twilight - 4953065728
Created by berryfield

Oh, No... I'm Good

Badass blade meme the internets twilight - 5805610240
Created by Mr_Joekzalott