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Teams? We've Got an Army

Harry Potter team edward twilight - 5042586112
By Unknown

Notice How He Doesn't Say 'Actor'?

actor best of week From the Movies kristen stewart twilight will smith - 6304055296
By Unknown


blade celebutard edward cullen From the Movies twilight - 3025420800
By Highcalibur

Common Ground

edward cullen Harry Potter twilight voldemort - 5116631552
By PrincessWordplay

Get Him, Buffy

Buffy edward cullen From the Movies robert pattinson twilight vampire - 5086633472
By Gherragh

Keanu Is the Pro

From the Movies keanu kristin stewart twilight - 5014591744

Era vs. Error

error Harry Potter twilight - 5087909376
By HarryPotter4ever16

Breakups Are Rough

break up From the Movies girlfriends Harry Potter twilight - 5023670784
By dinokoalasaurus

How I Think 'Warm Bodies' Came Into Existence

zombie movies vampires twilight all right gentlemen - 6793173248
By FORDboy357

Kristen Stewart's Redemptive Quality

duck face self referential the internets twilight - 6404696832
By aspGrabber

Face Meltingly Bad

face melting From the Movies twilight - 5444795904
By MaoDiggyMao

White People Problems

emma watson From the Movies Harry Potter kristen stewart twilight - 5136752640
By berryfield

Twilight In 5 Seconds

best of week comic From the Movies summary twilight wtf - 5490994432
By happycowNZ


blade edward cullen From the Movies jokes twilight vampires - 3851536384
See all captions By kristovlol

Buffy vs. Edward

best of week edward cullen TV twilight - 6379028480
By Unknown

It had Some Shining in It

Blood children From the Movies i am disappoint kids movies the shining twilight - 4344101376
See all captions By justherefortehfoodz
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