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Get Him, Buffy

Buffy edward cullen From the Movies robert pattinson twilight vampire - 5086633472
By Gherragh


books celebutard dracula From the Movies reading sparkles the internets twilight vampires - 3716840192
By A3rddarkness

It's Too Horrible to Speak Of...

Harry Potter Movie twilight - 6788508160
By Unknown

Careful there, Bella..

edward cullen pedobear twilight - 4544010496
See all captions By Khriss

Dirty Edward

gross Memes Movie twilight vampire - 5934886656
By manny_dize

Reframed: Break Ups Are Rough

best of week doctor who Harry Potter movies TV twilight - 5491194368
By Poopay

Disco Face

robert pattinson too damn high twilight - 5145523968
By qazaraspel

But He's a Vampire, Guys!

books Harry Potter hunger games Lord of the Rings movies twilight - 6552292352
By Tipzi99

Date Night

john travolta Movie no the internets twilight - 5335689984
See all captions By Unknown

He Ain't a Real Vampire, That's for Sure

best of week From the Movies Movie robert pattison twilight vampires - 6375735296
By Unknown


admiral ackbar edward cullen From the Movies its a trap mon calamari star wars twilight Xxzibit xzhibit - 3321189120
By FobiaLOL

They Trust You So Easily

From the Movies kids Pokémon twilight - 5691197440

Can't Tell if Trolling or Stupid

best of week Harry Potter stupid the internets trolling twilight - 5226461696


edward cullen Harry Potter twilight voldemort - 4221838592
See all captions By Fuzzbuket

Era vs. Error

error Harry Potter twilight - 5087909376
By HarryPotter4ever16

White People Problems

emma watson From the Movies Harry Potter kristen stewart twilight - 5136752640
By berryfield
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