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american psycho From the Movies joker nudity twilight - 3473327360
See all captions Created by smizacks02

Kristen Stewart's Redemptive Quality

duck face self referential the internets twilight - 6404696832
Created by aspGrabber

The World Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

dafuq kristen stewart smiling the internets twilight - 6226912000
Created by Unknown

I Expect You to Die!

best of week comic james bond the internets twilight - 5456914432
Created by MaoDiggyMao

How Old are You?

age ash ketchum cartoons Pokémon twilight - 4487607296
Created by Unknown


celebutard celebutards edward cullen From the Movies twilight - 3278271488
Created by Unknown

What Hath Jack Wrought?

edward cullen jack nicholson twilight ugh - 4625879040
See all captions Created by Wook1972


brad pitt edward cullen From the Movies gay jokes Star Trek sulu Tom Cruise twilight - 3443713024
See all captions Created by scoto

Thanks! He Looks Much Better!

edward scary the internets twilight - 5418274304
Created by Maykay

'Sup Sparkly Boy?

From the Movies kristen stewart robert pattinson Star Trek twilight - 4972217344
Created by omieohmy

Era vs. Error

error Harry Potter twilight - 5087909376
Created by HarryPotter4ever16

Doesn't Need Gaga's Help

celebutard lady gaga stephanie meyer twilight - 5004786432
Created by ANYA

Jeez Bella, Pay Attention!

bella sexy times twilight - 4649499392
Created by PaygeMawnster_Rawr


books From the Movies saw torture twilight yikes - 3865216256
Created by morchid

When Avada Kedavra is Acceptable

edward Harry Potter twilight - 4953355264
Via riandawsonisalwaysfuckinglate.tumblr.com

It Took a Series of Movies to Say This

family guy movies sad but true twilight funny - 7733626112
Created by Sammmmn