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education money muppets statler the internets TV twilight Waldorf - 3488741376
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jimmy mcmillan meme the internets too damn high twilight - 5458864128
By TheDuckLover

Reframed: Break Ups Are Rough

best of week doctor who Harry Potter movies TV twilight - 5491194368
By Poopay

Let Her Finish

geeks twilight - 6465017088
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celebutard twilight - 3066111488
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Twilight ALL the Book Covers

all right gentlemen best of week books the internets twilight - 6359471104
By kimhawko

George Knows All

From the Movies george lucas stephanie meyer twilight - 6009743104
By tedhere

Sometimes Parents Need to Show a Little Tough Love

best of week comixed fandom lion king simba twilight - 5807215104
By PrincessWordplay

But He's a Vampire, Guys!

books Harry Potter hunger games Lord of the Rings movies twilight - 6552292352
By Tipzi99

Common Ground

edward cullen Harry Potter twilight voldemort - 5116631552
By PrincessWordplay

Face Meltingly Bad

face melting From the Movies twilight - 5444795904
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edward cullen From the Movies keanu reeves sparkles twilight vampires - 3677435648
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White People Problems

emma watson From the Movies Harry Potter kristen stewart twilight - 5136752640
By berryfield

Teams? We've Got an Army

Harry Potter team edward twilight - 5042586112
By Unknown

Careful there, Bella..

edward cullen pedobear twilight - 4544010496
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Now Pay Attention, Sparkles

Inception meme robert pattinson the internets twilight - 5245654016
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