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The Real Harry Potter Facebook

facebook Harry Potter magic puns - 4467627776
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The Obsession of Ahab

facebook moby dick web comics - 7950985216
By ImogenQuest (Via Imogen Quest)

Doesn't Even Have a Scar

confused facebook Harry Potter - 5118065920
By Unknown

How Did He Write That?

facebook social network - 4670791168
By b00geyman

This Note is Simply Smashing

facebook the internets - 4913521920
By Unknown

How About Now?

sad but true facebook doctors surgery web comics - 8012646144
Via Pain Train Comics

Facebook vs Child Abuse

cartoons facebook Ghostbusters jk lol the internets - 4241537792
See all captions By Loftis


facebook social network trolling - 4650691840
By pixartist

Marketable Destruction

facebook sad but true in this economy web comics - 8361306112
Via Cyanide and Happiness

Sometimes It's Better to Just Stay Off Spacebook

space web comics Sometimes It's Better to Just Stay Off Spacebook
Via Quark! Comics

At Least They Don't Know What You're Thinking

the internets message facebook web comics - 8281135872
Via Eel Hips

Wedding Vows

marriage facebook web comics - 8224457472
Via Bing

It Doesn't Take Much...

andy samberg facebook From the Movies social network - 4789941760
By Unknown

Modern Technology

awesome facebook social media technology the internets - 5476993024
By ThatGermanGuy

Stephanie's Cute, Too

Ad facebook Net Noob spam the internets - 5114498048
By droidfail2009

Where Would You Like to Live?

facebook google myspace social network the internets tumblr - 4970156800
Via http://thisisheffner.tumblr.com