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Facebook Rage

rage The Hobbit facebook - 7101361408
By Jackao

Why Not to Give Your Tablet to Your Pet

cute dogs facebook mean tablet the internets - 5961486080
By SirKilmoreRyan

She Ain't Marrying No Drunk

beer break up facebook well that escalated quickly categoryimage - 6635345664
Via Reddit

I Bet It Will...

facebook social network the internets - 4763903232
By URTemplar

They Network

facebook From the Movies social network they live - 4751379712
By pinksheets

It's True, I Read It on the Internet!

facebook Morgan Freeman picard wtf is this - 6376247552
By Unknown

Doesn't Even Have a Scar

confused facebook Harry Potter - 5118065920
By Unknown

How Me a Chicken Learned English

chicken facebook google - 6897086208
By MaybeFoamasi

Wedding Vows

marriage facebook web comics - 8224457472
Via Bing

The Social Whisperer

facebook From the Movies Mark Zuckerberg - 4761225216
By Unknown

Dumb Daughters

best of week facebook myspace social media twitter - 5285426176
By Unknown

No Idea

bear grylls car facebook - 4626294016
See all captions By BenchWench

His Least Favorite Day of the Week

celebutard facebook FRIDAY Rebecca Black social network - 4682930176
By Yonzie

Marketable Destruction

facebook sad but true in this economy web comics - 8361306112
Via Cyanide and Happiness

What's Her Face?

puns facebook texas - 8211790592
By _darkknight_ (Via Horror Horror Horror)

Where Did the Paper Get a Head?

celebutard facebook head paper social network wtf - 4685463296
By Unknown
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