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Zuck, Will You Add Me on Facebook?

facebook From the Movies keanu reeves zuckerberg - 4769863936
Created by Shrewlad

ZOMG so Nerdy

facebook minecraft nerd - 6535156224
Created by LightningBlast

You Don't Say?

web comic facebook You Don't Say?
Via discoslick

Scarecrow was Ahead of his Time

Movie scarecrow facebook brain - 6835650816
Created by Unknown

BONUS POST: I'm Telling All My Bros

college facebook social network the internets zuckerberg note pass - 5032856320
Created by maxystone

Back, Back, X

celebutard facebook social network Spider-Man - 4703518464
Created by oogledump

Stop With the APPS

annoying facebook the internets - 5778904064
Created by Unknown


facebook Kim Jong-Il kim jong-un North Korea photos politics shame the internets - 4073775616
See all captions Created by andnowfor

Higher Education

facebook idiots funny - 7664359424
Created by wanginator95

Can't They Just Go on Strike Again?

best of week facebook football the internets - 6415202816
Created by Unknown

She Ain't Marrying No Drunk

beer break up facebook well that escalated quickly categoryimage - 6635345664
Via Reddit

The Only Response

he man facebook funny - 6917479168
Created by Unknown

I Owe Notifications?

comments facebook the internets wtf - 5099859968
Created by Adam Russell

Introducing..."Sit Down, Son."

facebook - 6951504128
Created by _MovesLikeJagger_

With How Things Have Been Changing Lately...

Aliens facebook meme the internets the social network - 5249782528
Created by PrincessWordplay

Stop Your Whining, Luke Zuckerberg

darth vader facebook Luke social network star wars - 4742345472
Created by evilelmo
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