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Nope, Michael Jackson

facebook meme michael jackson the internets - 5593630208
By laxur1312

The Politics of Profile Pictures

facebook jk politics - 7170577152
By JCage19

This is Bound to Catch a Few

fishing compliments facebook funny - 7573081856
By Unknown

No, it Really Isn't...

big bang theory facebook From the Movies social network - 4779439872
By Flea_x

ZOMG so Nerdy

facebook minecraft nerd - 6535156224
By LightningBlast

Another Problem With Social Media

Via Good Noose

Scratch Harder!

facebook From the Movies Spider-Man - 4667785216
Via pigeoneyeddevilwoman.tumblr.com

She Ain't Marrying No Drunk

beer break up facebook well that escalated quickly categoryimage - 6635345664
Via Reddit

The Sad Truth Regarding Social Media Addiction

facebook social media web comics - 8176279040
Via Happy Jar

How Me a Chicken Learned English

chicken facebook google - 6897086208
By MaybeFoamasi

Back, Back, X

celebutard facebook social network Spider-Man - 4703518464
By oogledump

He Didn't Like That Song...

facebook social network the internets - 4753579776
By URTemplar

Don't Friend Chuck Norris on Facebook

chuck norris facebook ouch the internets - 5645563136
By Unknown

Where Did the Paper Get a Head?

celebutard facebook head paper social network wtf - 4685463296
By Unknown

High Expectations for the Zuck

celebutard facebook school social network - 4700727040
By osj777

Stop Your Whining, Luke Zuckerberg

darth vader facebook Luke social network star wars - 4742345472
By evilelmo