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Damn Creepers...

creeper facebook minecraft social network - 4707216384
By Unknown

Autocorrect Fails Yet Again

quotes wtf FAIL facebook funny - 7662685696
By cheyenne727

Back, Back, X

celebutard facebook social network Spider-Man - 4703518464
By oogledump

Modern Technology

awesome facebook social media technology the internets - 5476993024
By ThatGermanGuy

Otakus on Facebook

friends facebook death note funny - 7784126976
By Unknown

Twitter And Facebook Have Changed Communication Completely

facebook twitter web comics - 8226890752
Via Zen Pencils

She Ain't Marrying No Drunk

beer break up facebook well that escalated quickly categoryimage - 6635345664
Via Reddit

Dumb Daughters

best of week facebook myspace social media twitter - 5285426176
By Unknown

How About Now?

sad but true facebook doctors surgery web comics - 8012646144
Via Pain Train Comics

Why Not to Give Your Tablet to Your Pet

cute dogs facebook mean tablet the internets - 5961486080
By SirKilmoreRyan

All the Ladies Love Me

facebook ladies the internets - 6061408000
By Unknown

So Sweet

web comics facebook birthdays So Sweet
Via PearShapedComics

You Don't Say?

web comic facebook You Don't Say?
Via discoslick

Apply Water to the Infected Program

facebook burn - 7130406912
By supermad

What's Next?

facebook the internets youtube - 5519603456
By AppetiteForChildren

Antisocial Media

ducks facebook social media web comics - 8428372992
Via Fowl Language Comics