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Is This Really The Difference Between Men And Women?

gender jk sexism wtf web comics - 8204829440

It's Time To Start Thinking About Your Future

cheese future web comics - 7979059712
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Hey, Remember That Mannequin Movie?

just girly things shopping funny - 7651486464
Created by Torelma


Arnold Schwarzenegger education From the Movies puns school Sylvester Stallone - 3931648000
See all captions Created by Thetoothfairyofdoom

Some Thoughts Are Best Left Unexpressed

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Really Though, How the Heck Does It Eat?

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babes cosplay face replace face swap jk kids the internets - 4383399936
Created by Mike T. ( Via i.imgur.com )

Even the Captain...Uh..Professor Thinks So!

movies x men funny - 7762462208
Created by Unknown

Makes Even Lecter Cry

childhood From the Movies lion king movies - 5530919424
Created by Trololoise

Years After The Robot Uprising

singularity instagram robots web comics - 8080533248
Via Minimumble

What Skinny Jeans Will Evolve Into

Via Mr. Lovenstein

Plus It Was 1979, So You Didn't Have a Targeting Computer

snow funny star wars weather web comics - 7889259264
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kanye - 2640392192
Created by lundi87

Thundercats, HO!

cartoons rick roll - 5142205440
Created by adria_nyxx

Reverse Werewolve

mindwarp werewolves moons web comics - 8037695232
Created by Unknown

Things That Bug Everyone About Ordering Pizza With Friends

bugs friends pizza web comics - 8192876288
Via Bug Comic