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Screw My Nostalgia!

sonic the hedgehog spyro sonic - 8515175680
By LocoGuy107 (Via locoda107)

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

angry birds sonic - 8508617984
By boorepellent

This Has Got to Be the Weirdest Crossover EVER!

angry birds sonic the hedgehog sega sonic - 8507809024
By LocoGuy107 (Via

Gotta Go Faster

gifs sonic - 7777259008
By Unknown

Gotta Think Fast

tails twitter sonic - 7908191744
By Unknown
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40 of the Most Ridiculous Examples of Video Game Logic

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fanboys sonic videos - 56745473

Sonic's Fanbase Has Broken This Poor Child

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sonic the hedgehog gotta go fast Video sonic - 70504705

The Real Sonic Has Been Spotted!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Logic

retro sega dr robotnik video game logic sonic - 6894477056
By Unknown

Gotta Go Fast

gifs gotta go fast sonic - 7774339840
By Unknown

Inner Demons

rings Fan Art sonic - 8194757888
Via Christopher Hemsworth
drums Music sonic videos - 59608577

Sanic Forever

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Fighting Your Amiibo

super smash bros amiibo sonic - 8463089664
By yoshisaredragons
mods Video sonic - 69172737

Mods Are Amazing

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Big Day Over at Buzzfeed

sonic - 8455669248
Via @leyawn

Sonic's Dirty Mind

web comics sonic - 8436059136
By tamaleknight (Via Not Enough Rings)