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This Fan-Made Game Sonic Utopia Game Looks Absolutely Incredible

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When You Find Sonic the Hedgehog Hanging Out In No Man's Sky

Via Thongsongmumu

When You Go Too Fast

Via AnotherSmegHead

So Sonic, Such Cold-Blooded

Via sonic_hedgehog
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E.T., Sonic the Hedgehog, Gollum, Batman, and Adventure Time Are All Going to Be in the Same Game and People Are Losing Their Minds

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He went too fast...

funny video games sonic - 8796769792
Created by Mamalugia
super smash bros video games mario Video nintendo sonic - 80014337

Check out an In-Depth Rundown of Sonic's Moveset History (Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U Gameplay Analysis)

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Knuckles Has Been Living a Lie

sega cartoons video games sonic - 8795729920
Created by Mamalugia

Of the 6 Games Inducted Into the Video Game Hall of Fame Which One Do You Think Was Most Deserving?

Via TheStrongMuseum

Pinnacle of Sonic Video Game Logic

Via thosevideogamemoments

When You Shave Too Slow

web comics sonic - 8759393792
Created by Vast ( Via iamarg )
tails Video sonic - 78532097

A Tale of Tails

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Well, At Least His Butt's Not Turning this Time

Fan Art tails sonic - 8752763648
Via kaipo

He Needed the Expansion

my body is ready reggie sonic - 8606259712
Created by sness107 ( Via sness107 )
sonic the hedgehog honest trailers Video sonic - 77283841

This Honest Trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog Will Remind You How Sad You are About the Fall of the Series

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New Sanic DLC

super smash bros wii U DLC sonic - 8595103744
Created by AquaShldEXE ( Via sonic_hedgehog )
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