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The Real Truth...

robotnik smashing nigel thornberry sonic - 8335717632
By Kazuo1G (Via awkwardsonicphotos)
gotta go fast dorkly Video sonic - 64750081

Gotta Go Fast and Furious

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Staring at Sonic's Legs is Bound to Cause Some Weird Feelings

video games running sonic - 8326157568
animation Video sonic - 64611585

Let's Do Nothing - Idle Animations in Video Games

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Bluestreak! Speeds By!

transformers toys sonic - 8325199616
By MatrixConvoy

Sonic Being Bullied By a Barrel

gifs sonic - 8323369472

Sonic the Hedgehog x Monster Hunter 4G

monster hunter capcom sonic Video Game Coverage - 8321538304
Via Capcom

Tails Is Tired of These Shenanigans

sega tails sonic - 8318268416
By Unknown

Game Gear Transformer

transformers sonic - 8316709632
Via ZadocPaet
gameplay glitches knuckles Video sonic - 63966209

Gotta Glitch Ummm... Fast?

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Music the warp zone chemical plant zone VGM sonic - 63660033

Sonic 2 Unplugged - Chemical Plant Zone (Sax Cover)

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"Just Doing My Job"

web comics sonic - 8290913536
Via Hejibits

Classic: The Sonic Cycle

sonic - 8287688704
By Travis_Touchdown
twitter tails sonic - 216068

A True Friend to the End

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The Horrifying Connection Between Mickey Mouse and Sonic

sonic - 8273921280
Via missversiris


Inception awesome sonic - 8271552256
Via KodykoalaToys